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What’s in the trunk?

What’s in the trunk?

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            We understand that not everyone’s secrets are stored away in the closet; some of us put away old items under the bed or place them as pieces of art next to the bookstand. We even roll-up clothes from a few decades ago in a trunk converted to a side table and make space for necessary “junk” in makeshift cabinets purchased straight off a massive ‘IKEA’ sale. So the ways to store what you love are plenty as long as it’s hidden away from your everyday vicinity. This begs the question; are we are all secretly hoarders of junk?

            Hoarder? No, we aren’t referring to the documentary series which jolts us every time we watch it, we are hinting at our own incessant need to hold on to existing items of value which are prized possessions not because of the designer labels but more so due to the significance of the attached memories. How often do we imagine ourselves being a Carrie Bradshaw from ‘Sex and The City’ walking into a wardrobe full of shoes which have seen every inch of New York? Quite often, we would reckon. From injured leather boots to had-it broken sandals which resemble distorted monumental caves, we have several pairs of shoes which we have purchased to match our favourite knitwear, scarf and even watch.

            Every shoe tells a story about a missed puddle, broken heel and the wine stain on your canvas. Shoes are something many women struggle to part with, no matter how tatty they get along the walks of life. They may have been passed on from stylish grannies to teenage granddaughter and it’s still impossible to let go of the seasons passed. We treasure vintage pairs of shoes passed on from aunts, mothers and mothers of mothers while we are also making our own purchases on the side. Marilyn Monroe said once, a long time ago (or someone just made it up and blamed her for her shoe addiction,) “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world”. Now, here we are, finding our ground in the comfort of the most stylish shoes. That’s how we usually end up with several pairs that sit in our rack because no matter how tattered they are, at some point they walked us through the nooks and crannies of our life.

            This inability to chuck away fashion does not necessarily make us hoarders but mere collectors. I, for instance, have been picking out ‘tasteful’ things by my definition since my 16th birthday when I was gifted a Fuchsia pink Nina Ricci passed on from my mother. But yes, it was a gift that is very much a prized possession because of the lingering memory that it has left. So every item that I have piled up since then is associated with a reason. Right from “I’m in the business of fashion and everything is an investment,” to “Ha. My daughter will thank me for this someday”. Thus, I would call myself a fashion collector; it probably helps me to deal with my nature of accumulating things much better. To further save grace, I also often tell worried friends and family that I organize everything so well that it rarely lies around very obviously. However, every third woman still owns a pair of ‘feel good’ comfy denims that should have had the chuck seasons ago. Most of us attach feelings with every possession and each item of clothing has a memory clinging to it right next to the washing instructions. Even those clothes that hang at the back of the wardrobe with the price tags still on we cannot bare to throw away! You could be a cat lady or nuts and bolts man but each of us have our own weaknesses. And it isn’t a cause of worry as long as you aren’t pushing bricks to make room for a pile of dusty newspapers.

            Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual which just allows one to make space for more. However, having trinkets from the world over, vintage hats and Jimmy Choos from the 80’s allows one to fabricate a new fairytale each day. Isn’t it amazing if you get to be multiple people in a week? Fish that has-been blouse out of the recycling and mend those worn out 60’s jeans! Re-glue that ancient vase for the hundredth time and don’t let go! Just feel the embellished fabric and spread the revamp vibe because we live in a time where to throw away such beloved treasures in this throw-away society is surely just sinful.

Words by Shweta Ganesh

Photography by Cameron Henderson www.cameronhenderson.co.uk

Makeup by Tyler McKay

Models are Hollie Thomas & Maja Meow

Location is Saratogatrunk, Glasgow


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