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SS15 Behind the Scenes: I heart Hastings

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 SS15 Behind the Scenes: I heart Hastings


Since moving to London, I have told everyone who asks, that my home town is Hastings. Slightly because it’s almost impossible for anyone to have heard of the tiny little Bexhill I’m actually from. But mainly because home is where the heart is, and I heart Hastings.

Our shoot starts very early on a Wednesday morning. It’s Summer and nothing is nicer than the postcard blue skies, completely clear, with the exception of small wisps of cloud along the horizon. Somehow Hastings has that dusky summer evening haze, all day long.


In a very small hotel room, I’m piled in with our stylist, Manuela Trujillo Buscató, her mum, and piles of bags and clothes boxes. Not an inch of floor is visible. Lobsters dresses, mussel necklaces, mermaid corsets and of course a tone of UAL designer pieces. Before the models arrive (a collection of authentic Hastings girls and the rogue Bexhillian), there’s the calm before the storm; Manuela and I have the chance to run through all the beautiful styling choices, and we’re spoilt for choice!


The models arrive one by one, completely chilled – it feels so much more like a day out with friends than a day of work. Completely eccentric, beautiful and multitalented, illustrator/model/makeup-artist Felicity (Fizzie) Tocher starts pulling out sea themed pocket mirrors and her own collection of jewelled shells as she starts on the makeup looks. Meanwhile Rebecca Alsford begins the hair prep for her amazing wigs and hair pieces, all created for the shoot and in very little time!

CNV00001 (7)

By midday we’re an attractive hoard of exotic looking creatures carrying a huge amount of bags as we descend onto Hastings Old Town. The beauty of Hastings is that a group of girls wheeling camera equipment and dressed as sea creatures, doesn’t seem odd to any locals. We are being completely embraced by all the local antique shop owners, who provide us with incredible locations. The biggest mention has to be for the unnamed treasure-trove at the top of George Street; there are usually a few select pieces of collectable items outside a small white building, which is packed full of exciting pieces. When we arrive, it looks as though the entire contents had been emptied out onto the street; a complete set has been built just for us!10581364_10152593975637534_680049339_n

The rest of the shoot was a beautiful, hectic, creative blur that lasted until Thursday evening. I’m really pleased that together some Londoners and some native Hastonians made a series of photos that capture a little bit of the Hastings magic.




Photography and Words by Kate Butcher

Styling by Manuela Trujillo Buscató

Hair Styling by Rebecca Alsford

Makeup by Fizzie Tocher

Models are Olivia Holland, Francesca Hall, Chloe Berry,

Michelle Mujakachi, Fizzie Tocher and Zoë Field


1. 37-38 George Street, Hasting Old Town

2. Courthouse Mews, Hastings Old Town

3. Hastings Beach

4. Robert’s Rummage, High Street, Hastings Old Town

5. Hastings Gift Shop, Pelham Place, Hastings

6. Little Treasures, High Street, Hastings


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