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I Scream For Ice Cream

ice cream party tiled hi res

Illustrator Kathryn Corlett hails back to the sickly sweetness of kid’s parties in the ’80s to create a mischievous dessert montage. Those biscuit-based, icing-topped ‘Little Gems’ are the stuff of many childhood memories, having been around since 1910. We all remember grabbing a handful having slid around a sweaty disco hall floor on our knees. And it’s this mischievous kind of nostalgia that is captured by Kathryn Corlett, a freelance designer and illustrator originally from Hampshire.

“I liked the idea of the sweets eating each other in a naughty but nice kind of way,” muses Kathryn Corlett. Sporting cheeky grins, the melting towers of ice cream scoops and cupcakes are tempting to even those more partial to a savory snack. “It’s pretty tough not to be tempted by them,” she argues. We’re so tempted in fact, that we’re ready to holler, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream,” as soon as Mr.Whippy drives around the block.

A self-confessed Gelato-lover, Corlett has created what she calls, “one big glorious happy disgusting colourful mess” that will be gladly welcomed into Old Tats sickly-sweet pastel party that is the sugar-coated issue.Ice Cream party

Illustration by Kathryn Corlett

Words by Alice Freeman


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