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No hair allowed

Black Cat for Old Tat

My mum has never let me have pets. Not because she doesn’t like animals, she’s just not a fan of the ginger hairs they leave behind all over the settee, carpet and your new black leggings. Cats in particular have a terrible habit of molting, seasonally shedding a light covering of their furry coat. Fortunately, ceramic artist Midori Takaki has a solution for my lint-roller-wielding mother.

Originally from Japan, Takaki crafts sculptures of curious, whimsical creatures perfect for the mantelpiece. Taking inspiration from traditional methods and forms, her little black cat is just one of her many animal creations. Takaki’s fragile feline is a meek sitting figurine, with a most desirable matte complexion; season after season no hairs will be shed.

Takaki’s choice for an all black cat is no mistake either. Depending where you live in the world, superstition suggests it can be either a lucky or unlucky charm. However, in Britain and Japan, having a black cat cross your path is considered good luck. Some even say a single lady who owns a black cat will gain more male admirers (which is definitely not the reason I have been begging my mum for a cat all of these years…)

A hair-free lucky charm that requires no litter tray. What more could my mum want? If this doesn’t work I’ll try my luck with a bald Sphynx cat.

Ceramic Artwork by Midori Takaki

Words by Alice Freeman


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