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Featuring Audrey Krako Photography

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Tell us about your work.

My portfolio is fairly varied in terms of content; from documentary or editorial to mixed media or commercial. The one thing that I strive to achieve whatever the shoot is that my style is recognisable and without unnecessary additions.

How did you start doing photography?

I spent a couple of years modelling and soon realised that my passions lay elsewhere. I found that the creative license, freedom and control that you have from being behind the lens rather than in front of it was something that really appealed to me and it didn’t take long for me realise that was the way I wanted to go!

Who is your target audience?

Me. I obviously love to have my work recognised, appreciated and complimented but one thing that I have always loved about photography is that you capture images that mean something to you and the audience is free to create their own narratives. I will always have drawn inspiration from somewhere and will only ever publish what I am completely happy with, but if others like it too that’s just a bonus!

What makes your images unique?

My work is fairly varied but whatever the project I am always very conscious of the use of colour.  On top of this I always use minimal editing and most importantly I try to capture a moment in time over and above staging the ‘perfect image’. A moment that may otherwise have been missed can often be the most beautiful.

What is the hardest thing about capturing that perfect shot?

The ‘perfect shot’ can sometimes happen when you aren’t trying too hard.  Having said that, the most important thing for me is that I have a connection with everyone working on the shoot; if either I, the subject or even the rest of the creative team don’t seem to be on the same wavelength, then it will be much harder to get the end product.

What is the best thing about photography for you?

The satisfaction for me comes when I have absolutely and completely transferred an image from my mind to a photograph; when I have something that I am so pleased with that I will always be proud to share it.

What piece of invaluable advice have you learnt through starting your career?

Take opportunities and challenge yourself; even if it seems like too much effort sometimes; if it feels right just go for it and you won’t regret it.

What made you chose to collaborate with Old Tat mag?

I f***ing love it! Even though I am at the beginning of my career; I am already very aware of my tastes and interests – Old Tat is full of what I love!

Where is your work headed?

Out of this world!

What is the dream? 

As long as I can continue to create work that I am proud of and continue to work with others that inspire me and share a similar vision, I’ll be happy.

Words by Mica Willgrass

Featuring Audrey Krako www.audreykrakophotography.com


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