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A birthday gift to me

I have wanted a Tessa Metcalfe ring since day one. I have suffered the torture of featuring her in many magazines, including issue 01 of Old Tat, where we dressed Tessa up as the crazy pigeon lady that she truly is. By torture, I mean that I have never been able to afford, nor been able to justify spoiling myself. However, it was recently my birthday (April 16th and don’t you forget) and I decided that after all my hard work on Old Tat, I deserved a treat or two. Now, every time I look at my chubby chode hands I am reminded that hard work pays off and to keep on persevering. I also strongly believe it is vastly important to support local designers, so this is a purely non-selfish act… c

11205973_1569143536670549_822183710038910648_n 11245788_10153243695391866_7799905326933089925_nTessa Metcalfe is pigeon stepping towards success and has turned her quirky obsession with pigeons (and their feet) into a successful jewellery brand. Where some may view pigeons as vermin and “rats with wings”, Tessa views them in a unique way and transforms something deemed ugly into something stunning. Her admiration and respect for the birds started as a child. The artist would then move onto experiment with taxidermy and road kill in her bedroom, learning to clean, cast and mould bird claws.

Tessa constantly seeks inspiration in her hometown of a pigeon-riddled London, although it seems she would be just at home in a bird’s coop! Tessa gets up close to the tiny feet of pigeons and studies how they look and move. Her rings are created from beautiful metals which practically clutch onto your finger, as a real pigeon would. Tessa’s unique pigeon bling is so dainty and detailed that even some of the pigeons wear their own tiny rings. So if you adore something cute, unique and quirky as hell, check out Tessa’s brand, you won’t be spitting feathers.

A throw back reminder of our Tessa Metcalfe feature in issue 01:



Words by Loo Loo Rose


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