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‘Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders’ book review


Vikto Wynd’s book tantalises the eye at first flick as he invites you on a tour of unimaginable delights. Such content has to be seen to be believed, with goosebump educing items mixed in amongst the mundane. Indeed, it is so much more than merely a book; it is a museum within its own right, juxtaposing science, history, nature and a cruel God.

Behind every cabinet door lurks something captivating which beckons your attention, raising a thousand questions and yet answering everything you have been searching for. Each page tickles every child-like curiosity within. With the quirkiest little black book of artists, Viktor encourages you to open up your eyes to the wonderment of the world. It is truly amazing that these collections still exist and that people can maintain such priceless, precious evidence of life on Earth. These works are a constant reminder of evolution, form and the endless cycle of life.

Viktor embraces the strange and celebrates the weird on an enormous scale. He reveals collections, obsessions, taxidermy, trophies, insects, skulls, bones, whole skeletons, creatures, fantasies, nightmares, beings under domes, sequences in boxes, pickled babies in jars, the deformed, the reformed, art, anti-art, monstrosities, abnormalities and the can-it-really-be’s. With his genuine intrigue for anything odd, Viktor shows us he is unafraid of any specimen, placing them all on peculiar pedestals. He truly channels his inner Diane Arbus and releases the freaks of nature to the world, where they will always remain, safe within his pages. With this book he enables them to live on forever, granting them eternal glory. Let your retinas be overwhelmed and allow your mind to be boggled as Viktor shares his fantastical hoard on paper, likening collecting to “an infectious disease”; he invites you to become infected with him. He lays out his soul for us with his visual masterpiece. Behold, whilst he chases the unmissable, the disturbing and the downright bizarre. There is no complacency in Viktor’s eternal search for enlightenment. Something tells me this book is only the beginning of a lifetime search for all that is extraordinary.

This book represents a unique one-on-one experience, enabling everyone to get up-close and personal with the extinct, the non-existent, the impossible and even the unimaginable. It shows us everything, from the stale to the fermented, the rotting, the nearly dead and the never living. This book is not for the fainthearted. It is not for the close-minded. This book is not for those who do not wish to be perplexed. It is a space that you can crawl into and get lost in. This book explores, educates, mocks and questions all that you knew before about life, death and the strange preserved state in-between.


Published by Prestel

Words by Loo Loo Rose

Photography taken from publication by Oskar Proctor


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