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Old but new: before the re-vamp

As previously promised, here are the original images of my late, distant relatives before collage artist Kieran Sperring worked his collage magic.

fdfsdWhen looking at this image, my grandparents have no idea who these people are or where this room is, which is a shame as I would have loved to have known more about the history. I adore the old tat on the mantelpiece.

Untitled-1 codddpyWhen deciding what I wanted for this image, I knew almost instantly that it had to be an alien invasion. I loved the focus of the family, concentrating on their family portrait, allowing them to be oblivious to what was occurring in the background. I have included a very rough mock-up used to direct Kieran’s much better collage skills. We also experimented with the idea of the man of the household having an alien face, but decided subtle was stronger.

alien copy

Untitled-2 copyThis photograph is of my Great Grandfather. He is standing in his local pub and the fish on the wall are ones he helped catch. The chairs remind me of the miniature ones I had in my old fashioned doll’s house as a child – the shape and colour. I love the natural creases in the images from where it has been glued into the sketchbook.

When I showed my grandma the work she was utterly delighted that we had incooporated these ancient photographs of our family into the magazine. She absolutely loved how creative and fun Kieran had been, merging the old with the new!

Untitled-sss1 copy

This photograph shows my Great Uncle with his friends outside his own skating rink. I find this image utterly intriguing as skating rinks are not something we often hear about these days. Having so many characters in one image leads to so many questions; I wish I knew more about this group of strangers.

Words by Loo Loo Rose


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