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Rafael Kouto: designer feature


Man In The Moon

Rafael Kouto is the man on the moon himself it seems, with his illuminating new collection inspired by the Earth’s lone natural satellite, the moon. The collection tells the story of the light of the lunar and how its very existence is through leaking light from the sun. The garments are very “new moon” and feature delicately pleated tulle and drapes, with spills of craters leaking into the designs. The dark fabrics have a sheen fit for bouncing moonlight off of.

The monochrome website sets the tone for the whole collection with shadowy cinegraphs, showcasing the illuminating designs. The beautiful art direction shows off the designs in a chilling and mystifying way. There is something extremely curious about the Earth’s only orbit, so check out the collection or it would be lunacy!

The collection is inspired strongly by the phases of the beautiful grey object in the sky, including crescents, half moon, and total eclipse. With these clothes you’ll be dancing under the moonlight. A romantic and mysterious collection inspired by the movement of the moon; one that even Neil Armstrong would be impressed by. Just don’t stare at it too long, it might make you mad. In the words of Rafael, the moon is much closer than we think.

Words by Loo Loo Rose


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