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Cleaning out my [props] closet

It has been long overdue but my props shed has finally been cleared up. After lugging a huge, prolapse-worthy shelf into the wooden tat cave, I was finally able to sort this horrendous pile of props into an organised collection. Life will be much easier from now on, without having to battle with dangerous stacks of beloved junk. Not a lot got thrown out as you never know what you’re going to need for an editorial, especially with a magazine called ‘Old Tat’. It is always totally typical that every time I throw something out I always end up needing it for a shoot. Thus, the hoarder inside of me was fighting every step (it’s surely a crime to throw away peacock feathers) but my sensible side was able to throw away actual junk (how could a bag of peacock feathers ever be useful?) before I end up on one of those channel 4 programs.

I thought I would share a glimpse into my life, sharing the infamous props shed which holds many treasures which I have collected over the years from my grandma, charity shops, garage sales, boot fairs and dumps. Let’s see what these props get turned into in future editorials!




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