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Jérémy Combot, a freelance illustrator from France, draws inspiration from fashion and popular culture circa 1990. Each of his sophisticated female protagonists are carefully constructed a detailed modern existence, truly bringing them to life. Meet the ethereal witchy goddess Narcissus.

“Narcissus lives with her twin sister Aubretia and their two cats Subra and Deneb in a small, old white house on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Narcissus, as her sister, is small and skinny. She has long black hair which she takes care of using many homemade lotions. She has a natural austere appearance but loves to wear colourful and oversized garments.

The pair are feared as the Black Death by the locals because they are seen as witches. They consider themselves as Wiccan and nature-lovers. Narcissus likes to prepare potions and mysterious mixtures with plants and flowers from her secret garden. When the wind is too strong, she loves to read Virginia Woolf near the fireplace, drinking wine and caressing her lazy Subra cat. At night, she and her sister make incantations, read future in tarot cards and watch Woody Allen movies. Quite often, they secretly help the miserable wives around the island with love potions and magic spells.

She was inspired by my travels in Scotland last month. I drove all around the wild Isle of Skye and felt that these landscapes were very mystic and poetic. I was also inspired by the French actress and model Eva Green and her dark aesthetic, as well as Florence and the Machine’s music.

Her cat is significant as they are certainly the most independent domestic animals ever. Worshiped by the Egyptians and then demonised by Europeans in the Middle Ages, they always managed to cross the centuries to be, today, our favourite pets. How powerful is that?”

Illustration by Jérémy Combot http://cargocollective.com/jeremycombotillustration

Words by Alice Freeman


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