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RAKEL BLOM interview


Rakel Bloom is a fashion designer who specialises in colourful, happy and affordable pieces. Her collections depict a very child-like and kooky target market who aren’t afraid to stand out and be noticed. Since Graduating in 2012, Rakel has released The World Through my eyes and I don’t want to grow up; two equally quirky and inspiring collections.

How did you start up your brand? 

After graduating I won first prize for the’ i-D magazine international emerging designer award’. I moved to London after living and studying fashion in New Zealand spent a few months wandering, thinking, being lost, planning and working hard. After that things started happening, and armed with a workshop in Wimbledon, a sewing machine and loads of good ideas; Rakel Blom was created.

Who is your target audience?

She is the confident one that knows what she wants, she likes colour and fun things and is ready for an adventure at any time.

What makes your brand unique and stand out and why?

My unique prints that I create for each collection and wanting my garments to be affordable so everyone can have a piece of Rakel Blom.

What is the hardest thing about making your products?

Finding the right fabric to print on.

What is the best thing about what you do?

Making the digital print is by far my favourite part when creating a new collection.

What piece of invaluable advice have you learnt through starting your own fashion label?

You think it’s going to be hard work, and it’s going to be a hundred times more difficult. But it’s so worth it, it´s mad!

What made you chose to collaborate with Old Tat magazine?

I like the magazine’s style; very easy going, fun, different and colourful.

Where is your brand headed?

This year I’m going to be trying out some new events outside of London like the FashionClash Festival in the Netherlands, an event in Iceland and few others are being planned. I will also be trying out The Secret Garden Festival this summer. It will be very exciting to see what it will lead to.

What is the dream?

At the moment a beach and a cocktail! In fashion the next one is to open up a magazine and randomly see someone wearing Rakel Blom!


Words by Mica Willgrass


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