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A Disneyland Paris Wedding

With it being wedding season, I have been dreaming up cool venues to host the dream wedding! The ideal wedding venue would be Disneyland Paris exclusively hired out to the wedding party. The feeling of juxtaposing leaping into adulthood with one’s future husband and stepping back into a child-like realm would be a very special feeling. As if a bride needs anymore reason to pinch herself on her big day! The ceremony would be held in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – a venue so uncomplicated, with no worries of religion, the future or whether Uncle Ted will hold his liquor. The romantic trickle of water features in the background and white rabbits hopping freely around the guests’ feet would add to the nostalgic utopia. The wedding would be a shrine to Disney details, with the rings being brought over in a dainty teacup, of course. Disneyland is a venue born for romance, fantasy and dreams, where happy couples can get lost in the realms of love and wander around fantasy lands. It seems only appropriate to bring the fairytale to life for that one incredible day.

After the ceremony, the couple would take a romantic ride along the river where they can have a moment to themselves as newlyweds, overlooking the miniature perfect village with the iconic Disney castle in the distance, where princesses roam and chivalry lives. The fairytale wouldn’t stop here, as the wedding party would then descend upon all the rides by nightfall, with the beauteous nightlights dripping with enchantment. Finally, the couples have that magic kiss on the tea cups rides to seal the deal. After all, it’s the place dreams are made of. You would just have to ensure you are not late for a very important date.

Words by Loo Loo Rose


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