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These cats are more popular than you

Cats are one of the most popular domestic pets. People love them in real life and people love them online. Starting with YouTube and ending with Twitter, you can’t mistake the presence of cats on all forms of social media. Everyone’s seen the ubiquitous cat video sent by a friend to cheer you up, a colleague who’s skiving off, or an excitable parent just discovering YouTube. The clip could be anything, from a cat doing something normal and probably downright adorable, to a cat playing the piano, it is literally all out there! And it’s a fact, these videos will make you smile.

We are surrounded by social media all the time, so it’s only natural it has become the best way to get noticed. The weight held by social media explains how a small town American blogger can be propelled into a world of magazine shoots, thousand dollar payouts and an endless stream of really cool freebies. And now, in much the same way, a cat can also become a million dollar brand. Take Grumpy Cat, for example, who has over 7 million likes on her Facebook page and 749K Instagram followers. This cat is probably more successful (and popular) than you and that’s all thanks to social media. The first ever picture of Grumpy Cat was posted in 2012 and the internet went crazy, and about 10000 memes were born. Who knew a cat could nearly break the internet? Now there are books, films, and a huge contract with Urban Outfitters. I mean, even wunderkind, Chiara Ferragni (creator of The Blonde Salad, and the first ever blogger to be on a Vogue cover) hasn’t done as well.

But, grumpy cat isn’t the only insta-famous cat; there are some very influential cats on social media, maybe because we have a history with the aforementioned cat videos, which goes back almost as long as the internet itself. Whatever it is, we are more eager to watch, follow, and like, these insta-cats. They are familiar, they are adorable, and we know that they have the potential to make our day better, to make us laugh out loud, or just feel warm and fuzzy. After trawling Instagram and dying a little bit every day at all the cuteness, here are my top cats to follow!



Choupette A.K.A The Chanel Pussy is Karl Lagerfeld’s baby. Follow for an Instagram filled with lavish lifestyle shots and all things Chanel. Warning: this could make you incredibly jealous of a cat.



Named after Milla Jovovich, Milla the cat is a full blown diva. Follow for cute cat selfies and some cool fan art.



So it’s not the Instagram account of one specific cat but the daily kitten will melt your heart every single time they post. Follow for a cute overload.

  1. @NALA_CAT


Nala is tons more popular than you and even makes her money selling stuff to other cats! Follow for lots of pictures of Nala squeezing into various boxes plus many chances to purchase Nala merchandise for your cat.



The Great Catsby’s followers speak for this feline, 16.9K people can’t be wrong! Follow to see what the resident cat of Second Edition Bookshop has been up to.

Words by Ava Roeg


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