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Kenzo marries Toiletpaper Mag

I think Toiletpaper magazine has to be my favourite publication, so here is a throwback about when they collaborated with designer Kenzo.


It certainly is three times a charge for this creative fivesome, who have simply done it again with their latest visually striking collaboration ‘Kenzine 3’, which showcases the additional imagery from the AW14 campaign. The collections are for men, women and children and include accessories. Colour is key in the team’s latest eye orgasm where the downright bizarre marries the bold in the latest Kenzo and Toiletpaper mag combination (what more would you expect from a magazine which dedicates double page spreads to half eaten colourful bars of soap?). Toiletpaper magazine is indeed infamous for its humorously beautiful visual content and its website certainly makes no apology for being exactly what it says on the can and more. Therefore they are once again the perfect creatives to collaborate with in order to create a fresh new world of confusion and anticipation. Thus, volume number 3 was born. These one of a kind images were created especially for the Kenzo Autumn/Winter 2014 advertising campaign where words are not enough so are cast to the side and strong imagery hits you full pelt in the face. The team have developed imaginative and strange scenes full of the inventive, the unknown and the almost unidentifiable.

There are only 2000 numbered copies in the unknown world so don’t be saving this precious publication for when you run out of actual toilet paper, that just won’t flush. Purchasing the latest limited volume would benefit your art shelf, for those pretentious people out there, and will inevitably grow into a piece of history over time. Its content promises to be worth something extra in the near future, so if you do decide to give it the wipe, it could be worth a lot more than the paper it’s printed on.

Words by Loo Loo Rose


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