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Bambie and Butler

Amazing Bambie & Bulter handbags were featured in our Crazy Pigeon Lady shoot in issue 01! Old Tat catches up with the designers to see what’s new.


What is it you create? Tell us about your brand.

We at Bambie & Butler are a UK based Luxury brand. We are eccentrically British, and at the heart of everything we create there is time-honored craftsmanship.

What are some of the materials you use in your creations and why/how do you source them?

We at Bambie & Butler believe exceptional individuality to design amongst our manufacturing process and sustainability, through luxe, richly sourced material. We source from the UK only and so for us it’s about adhering to very high construction, fit and tailoring standards.

How do you keep up with trends and do you feel looking at other designer’s work helps inspire you or otherwise? And why?

Our designs are archetypal, calling on the epicurean and sumptuous forms of British tailoring characteristics. In Britain we are spoilt with an endless flurry of talented Designers, Alice Temperly, Vivienne Westwood, Louise Wilson and Gareth Pugh for me, all push the limitations in both design and concept, with strong ephemeral abilities.

Who do you design for? Who is your target audience?

We design for the type of women who is Bon vivant! and sassy in her approach, whom adores Luxury statement pieces and wants to be adorned by rich, embellished and sumptuous materials. The Bambie & Butler women empowers herself by travelling the world in style, she’s a fearless temptress, opulence surrounding her every turn, creating fashionable moments as she strides.

Do you do anything by hand? Is this process gruelling?

As we believe everything we do to be created with established mastery, both our apparel and accessories lines are created with fine detailing, crafted using hand-embellishment techniques, honed by Embroiders ‘Hand & Lock’, London.Est.1767.Our accessories lines are also created using long establish British mastery with Pittards Plc, luxury leatherwear specialists, Est.1826.

What is the best part of designing a piece?

I believe when an idea strikes I have to scribble or jot it down immediately, in my moleskin journal that I take with me everywhere. There is something so very pleasing that comes with designing to empower the female form and create fun and playful pieces that are made well.

How do you come up with your ideas?

I am influenced heavily but ‘The Arts’ and so that is why this season we have taken to ‘The Wallace Collection’ for our A/W ‘Midnight’s Empress’ campaign shoot. We wanted to evoke the strong simpatico and appetite with ‘Art and Fashion’ and the beauty between these key figures.

What is your favourite piece you have made and why?

For me this seasons collection it’s all about the ‘Mademoiselle De Clermont’ I think it’s a fabulous piece and elegant addition to any women’s accessories horde. It is a fabulous contextual piece, which oozes fun and tactile quality.

What inspires you to create?

Bambie & Butler evolved with dreamy imaginations of childhood memories, a dusty vintage, clothing chest, dressing up in a Victorian Atelier, inside my Grandmother’s Rosewood cottage. My Grandmother still is to this day, the most glamorous women I have ever met.

How would you personally describe your work?

I would describe my work as eccentrically British, refined, feminine and full of elegance.

How important is colour and shape in your work?

I believe as a Designer, shape and fit are very important when creating a collection. It has to say something about the uniqueness and the signature of the brand. Colour particularly has to compliment the wearers surrounding and so for us at Bambie & Butler we always like to use a rich and opulent pallet.

What makes your creations so unique?

Material. For me it is the starting point from which all design aesthetics are created. “A million people can design a tea dress but very few can design a tea dress created from tea!”

What advice would you give to those looking to follow in your footsteps?

It is a long road to becoming established. I take on a lot of different hats, being a mother as well, it can be tough. There is no big secret about becoming discovered, just a lot of hard work, networking, events, and of course the odd glass of champagne!

What does it feel like to see people wear/use your work?

Being approached by Press / Media / Buyers to want ‘The Midnight’s Empress’ collection’ has been so flattering. I never expected some of the interest that we have had so far. Last week … Magazine wanted to use all our pieces for their ‘Winter Wonderland’ shoot and we were really happy with that.

How do you stay inspired, motivated and full of ideas?

I am a huge culture vulture and love the city of London for all the amazing galleries, museums and imagery. Just last week I went to see ‘Horst: Photographer of Style’ exhibition at the V & A. His work is simply stunning.

What are you working on now?

For now it’s all about our S/S 2015 collection. We are keeping to our signature handwriting; bold jewel-colours, British opulence and glamour. However, without giving too much away, we are updating with contemporary digitalized prints.

What is the dream?

The long-term is very much governed by the creative climate and where we see the brand taking shape will be in our all new year round S/S & A/W ranges. At some point we would like to cue ‘The Butler’ and venture into menswear, which will be tremendously exciting!

Words by Loo Loo Rose

Photo by Ilka and Franz for issue 01 Old Tat


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