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Faking The Kitty

We all know that cats are the most independent and sassy household pet you can find, well, apart from when it’s feeding time or when they want the occasional cuddle (we wish our cat was Taylor Swift’s Meredith). But with cats strongly ruling nearly every aspect of social media and our lifestyles, it seems the population has created two types of cat loving heroes.

Firstly, take the counterfeits of the cat loving society; the obsessive claimed victims of the cute ‘Puss In Boots’ eyes of our feline friends. These are, as I like to call them, ‘Urban Outfitters cat collection hoarding, Instagram, meme-posting, cat jumper wearing individuals’ who in fact own NO CATS. Short and sweet, right? These said pretentious lack-of-cat owners merely use and abuse the popularity of cats in order to make themselves look more cool and hip. From the outside looking in, you would think their cat-obsessed exterior would have a collection of ten or more cats. You would be wrong.

Secondly, we have the real deal. Those who are so deeply in love with their cats, they don’t realise that half of the stuff that they speak about is perfumed by the fact they are totally and utterly besotted. First topic of conversation? Their cats. Their Instagram feed? A daily look into the struggles, loves and mischievous activities of, of course, their cats. Where they lay, how many there are, their names, what they eat and occasionally the litter box. They usually own somewhere between two to twenty-two cats and you most definitely need to be friends with them (for no other reason than their cats). The daily goals of cat owners are pretty basic; meowing at your cat and getting a meow back. Looking in the mirror holding you cat and cooing, “Is that you in there?” daily. Simple. The most fitting example is Instagram’s @mother_of_beasts and her 12 purrfect children.

So the moral of the story? We love cats. But apart from that obvious statement, don’t fake it kitty fakers. Stop #catsofinstagram when you clearly don’t own one. Get a cat. The happiness awaits you.

Words by Josie Tague


Author: oldtatmag

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