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TZUJI clothing


Tzuji is a clothing label started by Larry Tee, a DJ star/trendsetter on the New York club and fashion scene. Old Tat catch up with Larry!

“My creation is TZUJI a clothing brand and it’s a brand dedicated to the rock star within us all. It’s fun fashion made in amazing fabrics and textures with a message like no one else. I need amazing clothes to wear when I run my nightclub parties and travel for international DJ gigs, so I created fun and outrageous clothes that are comfortable and versatile.

We make everything in London and get our fabrics here. We rely on printing outrageous fabrics that we buy and print locally in the UK. This season, since its spring/summer, we are using light satin-like fabrics, sheer fabrics, tee-shirt materials, and sweat shirt materials all light an comfortable in the heat. I usually look at other designers to decide what NOT to do not because I don’t like their work, but if it’s already being sold on the market, then it’s a bad idea to produce. I love clothes and want clothes that I can find for myself, which is the main reason I create them. The process is complicated only because to run a fashion business you have to do a lot of business stuff, too. It’s not all dreaming up extravagant ideas. But the production is handled in local factories and we have minimal detailing to do here. Though we do put on the vinyl for our current collection by hand. It’s quite fun, really.

I design for me, but usually the people that like my clothes are young, trendy, fashion conscious and like the attention. But these days everyone wants to wear the amazing clothes instead of letting the rockers and rappers have all the fun. So really there is something for everyone in my collections.

The best part? Well, when I have an idea that goes BANG I love to work on getting making it come to life. Cutting the patterns, making the shapes perfect and then getting the product. THATS the most fun is getting the product in your hands.

Inspiration for my designs comes from everywhere and is often a collision of ideas I loved in the past and mixing with ideas that feel really now. I also have the trendiest club in London, The WUT CLUB formerly Super Electric Party Machine and each week I try to make the coolest outfit in the club via things from my archive and things made from my latest fabrics and textiles.

My favourite piece has to be the TZUJI BOY robot bomber jacket in yellow and white satin featuring out robot mascot. I needed a robot for my first techno collection and so we created a super cute robot that got us into VFILES one of my favourite fashion sites ever. Plus it’s the perfect attention getting whenever  you need that extra something. Wearing the best swag EVER inspires me to create. In my past I wrote RUPAUL’s 5 million selling hit, ran the club made famous in the PARTY MONSTER movie, created the term ELECTROCLASH and the festival that helped launch that generation of artists and wrote pop songs for lots of artists. Show business and music is the biggest influence for my creations. I have been a music lover since I was very young and the artists I loved the most had the best styles: Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, etc. Now that rock and roll is out of style, it’s time for everyone to be the star.

Sometimes I think people don’t want colourful clothes since everyone seems to wear black. But I LOVE colour and refuse to just sell more just because I’m making black black black. And if it isn’t comfortable, I’m not going to make it. the shape is very important to me. Seeing people in my designs makes me feel like a success. Throughout my long career of writing hits and touring the world as a DJ, I have always felt like I haven’t gotten to where I needed to go. Now I realize it was all just a lead up to this amazing moment where I am doing something I have dreamed to do. And seeing people wear my clothes; it like an ovation.

Next on the cards for me is writing the soundtrack for the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week show and getting ready for the Paris Fashion week where I am showing at CAPSUL and DJing for 1500 people at the largest PFW party, BANGGANG. So exciting. The dream is remain inspired to the very end and to continue to have new projects that inspire me. A flat in LA and a little place in Berlin would be nice and friends that do amazing things make me happy. SAVE the HUMANS the theme of this collection, is the DREAM.”


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