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More from the Uclan students

Here is a sneek behind the scenes of how one of the Uclan students reacted to our ‘cats and hags’ theme!2-2


“When we were given the title ‘cats and hags’ we decided that we wanted to make our shoot as individual as we could. We had the idea to use a lion instead of the average domestic cat. As the lion is an animal that represents power and is a very ferocious animal, we felt like the idea to turn our chosen ‘hag’  in to a lioness would be empowering and fun.

Going with the theme of creating an interesting image that’s very different the styling of the shoot was very important. The stylists decided that they wanted to style our ‘hag’ in clothing that’s skin tight and sexy, again, showing that our lioness had all the power. We loved the idea of all black with a pop of colour, after some deliberation we found that we wanted black skin-tight leggins and a long-sleeved tight top. We then customized them with tears and rips that we had the idea could have been caused by the lioness herself or other threatening lions.
The shoot was filled with energy and was directed to capture that energy through movement and emotions. We had a short amount of time in the studio so we did an exercise with the model before hand so she could embrace her character and portray it well in front of the camera. The shoot was fast and fun!”

Photography by Ryan Wagstaff

Styling by Ife Ahove, Bryony Langford, Mia Edie Roberts and Levi Cunningham


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