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What A Do: Old Tat’s First Party

So the Old Tat shindig has now been and gone and we had such a fabulous night! I have finally recovered from the stress (and wine) of it all. Here are the images from the start of the evening. After about 12pm things got pretty wild!

I just want to thank Mica Willgrass, our amazing events editor, so much for helping me out with this and being such a super babe. I also want to thank Omar and his amazingly accommodating staff at the fantastic, quirky venue Zigfrid Von Underbelly, Hoxton. A huge thank you to everyone who donated for our incredible blue and pink goodie bags – we ended up getting so much cool stuff we doubled the amount of goodie bags we expected to give out. Everyone was commenting on how they were the best goodiebags they had ever received so thank you so so much! I did of course, keep one for myself (purely for my records of course…) so that I can do a goodiebag haul on the blog and show you all the amazing bits and bobs from British artists and designers. Stay tuned for another #WOTW where we will talk you through what Old Tat wore to the vent. Thank you to all of our beautiful guests who turned up and partied with us! It was amazing to put faces to email names and meet you all! ❤

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Words by Loo Loo Rose

Photography by Maria DePaula-Vázquez  www.flickr.com/photos/mdepaulavazquez

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