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24 hours with photographer Josh Caudwell

Josh Caudwell is a still life photographer based in London. He shoots high-end luxury goods, pairing them with creative concepts to dramatic effect. He has a background in graphic design and this has influenced his clean and effective style. Old Tat spends 24 hours in the life of Josh! 

I wake up and go through my morning routine. I have a live work studio space so I’m very fortunate to wake up in a morning and already be at the studio.
I nip out to buy freshly baked croissants and fruit. It’s important to keep the troops fuelled during the day. I pick up some bits to make a nice salad too for lunch later.
Get back to the studio and start setting up for the day’s shoot. Today I am shooting a selection of luxurious watches for a magazine. The preparation includes putting up moodboards around the studio, setting up the specialist lighting arrangement needed for watches and double checking everything technical is running smoothly (and putting on a playlist of great tunes for the day, of course).
The magazine fashion editor arrives bringing two Rolexs, two Hermès watches and two Issey Miyake watches. I begin doing some test shots. There are three more watch brands arriving later. They are higher value so will be brought by three security guards, one guard per brand.
Two guards arrive, one from Patek Philippe, one guard from Piaget. I seat the guards at the back of the studio where they will stay for the whole shoot. I offer them cups of tea but they decline (very professional of them). The guards each have strict time constraints for when they need to return so we make a start.
The final security guard arrives bringing two watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre. One of these watches comes with the price tag of a staggering £41,000. There is an issue, though. On the call sheet Jaeger-LeCoultre was due to be finished by 3pm. The guard tells us the brand wants his watches back at noon. We divert our efforts to his watches to meet his deadline.
The rest of the morning goes smoothly. We finish all the high value watches and the guards leave. We stop for lunch. I whip up a salad in the kitchen for everyone. Parma ham, feta, orange, avocado and rocket. Quick, easy and delicious. It’s a sunny day so we eat lunch outdoors.
Lunch is finished and it’s time to get back in the studio.
We finish shooting. I spend the next two hours doing Photoshop work to create rough mock ups of the final watch images, talking it over with the fashion editor as I’m working.
We finish up and I head out for the evening for dinner with friends and for some well-earned downtime.

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