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My Two Timeless Albums

Album option 1

Beyonce’s ‘Dangerously In Love’ 2003 album will remain a timeless album long after the Queen’s reign is over. After all, she’s a survivor! The echoes of her liquid gold voice will linger in our album collections even if CDs no longer exist. It’s an album every teenage girl needs to get her through growing into womanhood. Beyonce deals with love, lust, heartbreak and healing and sounds damn glorious whilst she’s doing it. So provided we don’t all become robots in the future and as long as we have hearts, we will need Miss Bey to get us through the motions of love.

Album option 2

The legendary Spice Girls released their ‘Greatest Hits album’ in 2007 and the title hollers for itself. With songs built to last for an ageless audience, it is perfect for when you fancy a bit of 90’s nostalgia, or are too young to understand the subtle innuendos of the cheeky lyrics. Spice Girls will remain immortal and go down in history, so of course their greatest hits will be around in one hundred years (and for viva forever afterwards too). Besides, the future looks rather dull so let’s spice up our lives with a bit of girl pop!

Words by Loo Loo Rose

Previously published in WAC magazine, issue 5.


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