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WOTW: The party – Bare Bones


#WOTW – The Party

 Admittedly my #WhatOldTatWore posts are a little elusive, as I tend to leave getting ready for things until the very last minute (how you fashion bloggers do it, I’ll never know.) However, I did manage to grab a quick shot of the neckwear I donned for the Old Tat party, worn with my teal American Apparel Jumpsuit.

The necklace/choker is something I made a few years back, when my boyfriend and I begun to source animal bones to collect, display and use for art pieces. I realise that this is somewhat macabre, and respect those who are more repulsed by my necklace than intrigued by it. Although I must add, all of what we find is the bi-product of animals that have died naturally; it is ethically sourced.

The bones used to create this particular necklace were from a fox, found in our local woods. Once the fur and flesh had completely decomposed, we bought back the skeleton and went through the motions of the thorough cleaning process to sanitise the pieces. I then chose the vertebrae to reassemble and mount on a necklace chain as the linkage of the spine curls beautifully around the neck when worn. The vertebrae, obviously being something which resides under the skin is seldom seen/appreciated, so I like to think I’m bringing the inside out.

Throughout the night I met some lovely people, from other contributors to bloggers and fellow creatives with a fervour for the Old Tat style, many of whom were quick to comment on my necklace. Attending the party as a member of the Old Tat team was brilliant, especially to be associated with a magazine that really has got legs in the publishing industry. Old Tat is going somewhere, and I’m excited to be going somewhere with it. Happy 1st Birthday, and here’s to many more!

(PS. If you fancy yourself a bone necklace, send me an email at alicelilliefreeman@hotmail.co.uk as I’m thinking of creating some to sell!)


Words by Alice Freeman


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