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24hrs with Old Tat Editor Loo Loo Rose


Ever wondered what we get up to behind the scenes of Old Tat?! Here is an exclusive 24 hours with… the Editor in Chief!

8am Wake up in a blur. Had a hard time sleeping again last night because of all the stress of everything – things are very intense right now with issue 03 nearly coming on sale, starting on issue 04, issue 04 set design, freelance work and all the post-party work. Today is my “day off” so naturally it’s crammed full and doesn’t involve leaving the house. I immediately check my phone, a million social media accounts and many emails, a lot of them junk. I briefly skim over the proper emails to absorb the info for my brain and star them to reply later. Post an image on Instagram.

8.30am Finally make it downstairs. Make coffee with one hand and force-feed antibiotics down my baby cat’s throat with the other – he is also feeling stressed right now as he has cystitis, commonly caused by stress in male cats. I suspect it’s the local stray cat wandering about who is causing it. If I could only mother him as well… Eat some fruit.

8.45am Get an email from the printers. Feel like tearing my hair out as usual – I hate printing time!

9am Team Tat study date time with my Features Writer Alice on Skype. She always brightens up my day and we have so much to discuss. We have a quick catch-up and I moan about how stressed I have been feeling lately then we are down to business! Currently planning many online features for issue 04, the ‘monochrome with a dash of colour’ issue whilst also slowly planning issue 05 (secret theme). Discuss how issue 04 is definitely our trickiest theme so far especially when it comes to pitching article ideas. Congratulate ourselves on continually challenging ourselves, the one silver lining. We could talk for far longer but both have stuff to do, so we end the call. Love that girl!

10.45am Post an image on Instagram, proof read someone’s ’24 Hrs With…’ and schedule it onto the blog. I really love these posts right now.

10.55am Chase up more work via email.

11am Make more coffee and set my new favourite song to repeat – right now it’s ‘Magic’ covered by You Me At Six. Write a to do list – I live by these things. Start writing a new blog post. Schedule said blog post.

11.10am Email Alice some instructions following our Skype call. Add some bits to my to do list. Cross one thing off, which feels amazing. Reply to some starred emails – too many to do all. Flitter between various website and email tasks. I am a serious multi-tasker right now. Post an image on Instagram. Discover new Justin Timberlake interlude and post it on my bestie’s wall, yes!

11.25m Shower and dress – take a quick selfie for the purpose of the blog #whatoldtatwore. Wish I was better at taking selfies! Feeling my outfit right now, a floral ’80s dress with fabulous shoulder pads.

12pm I’ve changed my mind; I need my fix! I’m dressed and jump in the car and head down to town to raid the local charity shops. Consider that this is literally an addiction I have no control over.

1pm Have an almost-argument with the lady in the charity shop. How can she justify selling a dress with a large stain on it for nearly a tenner? Ridiculous woman.

2pm Driving home with Fleetwood Mac blaring loudly, my fave band! I have a boot full of vintage goodies and I feel so much better, although extremely broke. Worth it…

2.10pm Back to work on the laptop checking emails and sorting blog posts. Schedule the ’80s dress #WOTW post, hope people like it! Chase up more work via email. I feel like such a witch constantly having to chase people. Wish people could be more organised – I hate August (holiday brain).

2.20pm Switch tasks and read a personal account email from the editor of a local magazine I write for asking me to tone my article down a bit, as he jokily states perhaps insulting the people of Stamford is not the best idea. Darn, perhaps he is right, I did go a little far this time, “old bags of Stamford…” There goes my next article idea ‘Reasons Why I Hate Stamford…’

2.15pm Ponder on how he usually loves my tone, and how when we first met, he told me that he wanted more bite, humour and sarcasm in his magazine. Make mental note on where to draw the line – good to know.

2.20pm Re-edit my freelance article to something far more complimentary about Stamford but still keeping my usual sarcastic tone. Send it off.

2.40pm Think about how much I miss my grandparents, who are on holiday. Push the thought out of my mind and keep writing.

2.45pm Switch tasks again – I need a break from this laptop. Start setting up for some Old Tat Boutique clothing shots. Think to myself about how I have so much to do! I had no idea how long it would take to shoot some simple clothing. I am also running out of space…

5pm Receive call from best friend who makes me laugh. I miss him. He is super bored right now – how can anyone let themself be bored? Encourage him to get a hobby.

5.30pm Head into the garage to start on some set design – I am currently working on two at the same time right now which is really hard to manoeuvre, as there is a serious lack of space. However, I like to save time and get as much done in one go as possible so it’s ready for us to start shooting in Oct. I have a casual smoke – I have genuinely quit however I allow myself to smoke when stressed, on nights out or when set building. Perhaps this is the real reason why I enjoy set building so much… Take a cheeky behind the scenes image and get to work.

6pm Think about how frustrating doing so many coats of paint is, especially when working on a monochrome theme (ie painting a million props all in one colour – very dull!). However buying a vat of paint is far cheaper than spray. Balling on a budget!

6.30pm Finished painting the now second coat of all my props. Have to wait 24 hours for them to dry before I can do anything else. I find this incredibly frustrating!

7.30pm Start to wind down in front of the TV – my absolute saviour for relaxation. I can no longer function – all I can do is lay here like a slob. Keep working on the social media accounts and eat dinner as I watch countless soap operas. Try to download the ‘Depop’ app but there seems to be a technical fault. Tweet them asking about it. Get a lovely DM from the marketing lady who is full of compliments about how she has a huge crush on our magazine and loves our aesthetic. Feels good!

11pm Grab my cat, it’s bedtime! Write mental to do list for tomorrow, think about all I have to do.

12am Still laying here wide awake. This is the time when I get most of my shoot ideas, so naturally have a pen and pad next to my bed. Jot down ideas for future themes and shoots.

12.30am Turn on phone and send quick midnight email to my amazing wig designer with an idea I have just had for issue 5 to see if she’s keen.

3am Wake up to my cat doing a big piss in the corner of my bedroom – I am sick of his illness more than he is! Poor boo. Hopefully his drugs will kick in soon!

Words by Loo Loo Rose


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