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24Hrs With… Old Tat Features Writer Alice

IMG_7549Alice, our Features Writer, walks us through a particularly macabre day in the life of Old Tat!

7.30am Wake up to the classic sound of an iPhone alarm. Lovely.

7.45am I start putting my running gear on. I used to run a lot in school and have actually really enjoyed getting back into it (even early in the mornings believe it or not). Bought myself a pedometer just to find out that twenty minutes of sweating around my town looking beetroot red burns off the calories equivalent to just one Crunchie bar. Brilliant.

8.15am After having a fruity breakfast cereal, I jump in the bath.

8.45am The getting ready process begins. This includes makeup, hair and more often that not stressing about what to wear. I always opt for the classic cat-eye liner, which I’ve been sporting for around the last seven years so I’m a bit of a pro now. I style my short fringe/bangs using the traditional method of rollers, which set while I find something to put on. Today it’s a fifties pastel striped top, rolled up jeans, Swedish Hasbeen sandals and a wooden bag. Not forgetting my trusty bone necklace, suitable for the event I’ll be attending later today.

9.30am Out comes the to-do list (Loo and I have that in common!) and we begin our Skype date to rack our brains for feature ideas. We’ve spoken almost every day for the last year since I started writing for Old Tat, yet we’ve only met once. We get on like house on fire and I love working for her. Lots of exciting things in the pipeline…

11am A quick call to the boyfriend, and I’m on my way to meet him. We’re cycling down to the train station to travel into London for the ‘Barts Bazaar: Macabre Market’. It’s fortunate we both share a penchant for unusual things, otherwise he would have done a runner long ago!

11.30am We get some lunch outside Liverpool Street station. Sushi is definitely my thing at the moment. I check a few emails and messages.

12.30pm Upon arriving at Barts Pathology Museum, we are greeted with a huge queue. Luckily, we are fast-tracked because we pre-booked tickets which saves us about an hour and a half.

1pm We’re in! It’s a little smaller than I’d have hoped, but we begin looking around. It’s swelteringly hot up there but we’re determined to find something cool to buy.

1.15pm I bump into my friend Kanna, the editor of #Taximag. As an oddity enthusiasts with a very enviable collection, to be honest I’d have been shocked if I hadn’t seen her at the Bazaar. She’s made a few purchases already, so we press on.

1.45pm Can’t help but feeling a little underwhelmed. There’s lots of jewellery, hand-made pieces and crafty bits – which I do like – but I wanted to see some really macabre stuff for sale. This kind of I wanted to see were around the walls of the museum instead, which is lined with some pretty graphic medical specimens. We’re gutted that none of that is for sale.

2.30pm We seek more macabre in the form of Spitalfields Taxidermy, a seller my boyfriend discovered on Instagram. In a small inside market just off of Brick Lane, our lust for oddities was satisfied in the form antique taxidermy pieces, dolls and lots of other curiosities. I bought my dad a vintage German mannequin arm for his birthday (as you do) which he absolutely loved. We spoke to a few other people there who had been to the Bazaar and they seemed to express a similar opinion.

4.30pm Heading home on the train, I respond to a few emails. We meet my mum and dad when we get to the station, and I struggle cycling up the hills whilst trying to hide the mannequin arm in the front of my basket. Subtle.

6pm Dinner. Sweet potato chips are also my thing at the moment. I just like food, okay?

7pm I get ready to go out again, Charlie and I are off to a friend’s house. I wear my new rockabilly jeans and snakeskin Doc Martens tassel loafers.

8pm The punch is mixed and we all catch up in the garden as the sun goes down.

12pm I head home and get to bed, where I’ll check my phone one last time and add a few things to my to-do list ready for the morning – lots of emails to send and features to write! Should probably try and squeeze in some Uni work too. To-do list expands until I fall asleep.

Words by Alice Freeman


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