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An exclusive look inside the Old Tat party goodie bags!

My lovely Tatties!

As you know our fabulous party was a roaring, drunken success. I thought those of you who couldn’t make it deserve an exclusive look inside the Old Tat party goodie bags!

So here we go… I had to keep one for myself, for my records…


11908265_10153514235616866_1035060211_n  11910676_10153514235236866_1082880687_n 11920515_10153514235136866_995915748_n1 11922035_10153514234526866_804715163_n1 11923059_10153514236226866_25105185_n1 11931708_10153514236241866_10940780_n1 11935182_10153514234286866_1959494529_n1 11935609_10153514233721866_919112542_n1 11940349_10153514236456866_1230211277_n1 11944836_10153514235671866_368143374_n1 11944855_10153514234631866_1394907656_n1 11944907_10153514233571866_450151723_n1 11948100_10153514234391866_2065983182_n1 11949519_10153514236171866_1750718966_n1 11949552_10153514234551866_1932200654_n1 11896999_10153514234101866_518835045_n 11903498_10153514234096866_417548852_n 11908182_10153514233591866_1885659061_n

We are eternally grateful to all of these AMAZING up and coming British designers, companies, publications and artists! We love you all and thank you so much for donating ❤ I will keep these things treasured forever!

Words by Loo Loo Rose


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