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GOOD AFTER NINE Jewellery Feature


GOOD AFTER NINE is an animal-loving jewellery brand based in Bangkok, Thailand. Catering for the 9am, 9pm and 24-hour girl, their range of rings, earrings, necklaces and bangles bring a little bit of creature comfort to any outfit – whatever time of day it is.

The only trouble is, on www.goodafternine.com you’ll be faced with the near-impossible decision of which piece to choose. (Well, who said we had to have just one!?) Featuring everything from flamingos to our favourite feline friends, Old Tat spoke to Nine, one half of the founding creative duo behind the brand, about her best-selling pieces.

Nine describes cats “charming and magical,” adding, “It seems they can spell us to do something they want. They own everything in the house, including you.” Coincidentally, among some of GOOD AFTER NINE’s most popular items are the Nil Black Cat ring and Mali White Cat ring. It must be the effect of those mesmerising hand-painted enamel eyes.

A staple inside any cat-lady’s trinket box, the designer imagines one of her cat pieces finishing off an outfit worn by someone who is “bright and free, wearing a sweet little fluffy dress” or “smart with casual white top and black stripe pant”. If you fit either of these criteria, there’s your excuse to get over to www.goodafternine.com and order your self a couple of felines fit for your fingers.

t-chompoo t-mali


Words by Alice Freeman


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