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24Hrs With Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching is an internationally-recognized model, energy healer, crystal worker, and style icon, widely recognized for her trademark pink hair and signature eclectic magical style. She is a social media maven and style influencer with a combined following of half a million across her social networks. Audrey has been featured as the face of countless brand campaigns, including DIESEL, Ray Ban, Peta, H&M, Tarte Cosmetics, Karmaloop to name a few. Magazine and media features, as well as covers and editorials, have included Nylon, INDIE magazine, Vogue Italia, Elle, Zink, LA Times, Women’s Wear Daily, Marie Claire, Ladygunn and countless more.

6:34 am : Wake up – throw phone, feed my birds and kitty followed by sleep walking to the park
7:45 am: Make some type of tea mixture with coconut milk and herbs
8:04 am: Start running the bath water while collection flower petals- sea salts and oils to curated it with
8:37 am:  Attempt to answer work emails and try not to spend too much time scrolling around on Oracle reports and Planetary Astrology sites
9:39 am:  Throw on an outfit and attempt to look presentable
9:45 am:  Meet up with my employees for the day and start decoding energetics and lists that need to be accomplished
10:32 am: Escape by listening to some thriller drama creepy movie score on the way to a studio in the city for styling / hair / makeup preparations
12:49 pm: Start shooting whilst trying to figure out a place to order avocados, rice and or steamed veggies to survive the day
3:45 pm:  Take a break outside, pick up some roses and mineral water. Text, check email, pet stray cat and talk to birds
5:45 pm: Wrap shoot and head home; either on the train with headphones and my eyes closed / or driving with all the windows down
7:02 pm: Arrive home, ignore mail, head straight to my lake before night fall
8:37 pm: Paint some birds for my oracle book, find a vague strange film to play in the back and light 56 candles
10:30 pm: Moon ritual and energy clearing depending on the day
11:43 pm: Run bathwater and repeat from 8:04 am with added valerian root
12: 57 am: Lay in bed and listen to the crickets
6:34 am: REPEAT


Words by Audrey Kitching
Photography by Ally Lindsay

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