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The Ultra Ego









Maxi More: “When I was little I loved dressing up, I loved painting and playing. I understood that playing and make believe sat next to the real world and I had no delusions of actually being a princess, a robot or a monkey. But the self-consciousness that grew alongside my prepubescent body told me to put these recreations away, look like a boy, get that GCSE and don’t stand out! It wasn’t until, in adult life, I was pushed to the brink by mental stress, financial struggle and trauma that I called once again on the power of playing. I now spend my life balancing between what the world expects of me and what I fantasize to expect in my world. I embrace beauty, and take on challenges with full belief in the power creativity has to transform. Now the lines blur more than ever between what is reality and what is make-up.”
Photography by Indrek Galetin
Makeup & Hair by Maxi More
Model is Maxi More
Model’s Assistant is Hazel Tyler

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