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Since we are so close to London Fashion Week, I had to post a quick one about one of my favourite shows last year, to really get you in the FW mood.


We were all bitten by the Vera Wang bug during her AW14 show at New York Fashion Week. The collection featured check-on-check with mixtures of dark tartan patterns awoken by the luxurious sparkling insect-inspired jewellery. The glitteringly eye-catching bug accessories put the Vera Wang stamp on the collection, featuring sparkling broaches, bracelets and necklaces.

The show began with uniform bleach-blonde models with their ‘Village of The Damned’-esque hair setting off the religiously monochrome greys and blacks of the collection. The gothic romance showed off consistent layers of leather and fur which merged wonderfully together with hints of sparkle seeping out from under the layers, bringing the pieces to life.

Wang exhibited an exciting blend of fabrics, including dainty flowing backless dresses juxtaposed with the harsher black tones of a beautifully textured masculine leather jacket. The concoction was spiced up with various sparkling animated invertebrate pieces. The charming bug bling statement pieces stole the show.

Even for Autumn/Winter Wang showcased just enough skin under beautiful lacy designs which draped down to the floor leaving a lasting impression on those in the front row. The designer surprised and delighted us with a combination of hipless, backless and sleeveless garments, all sticking to the classic theme of black.

There was an essence of the praying mantas amongst the models with the mixture of heavy layers on top styled with larger-than-life statement ankle boots and long bare legs. Elongated necklaces draped down to the models’ hips with their antenna-esque detail. Glistening dragon flies took flight down the catwalk as Wang underlined her collection with a bold statement reading ‘you bug me’ on a subtly black printed t-shirt design.

Words by Loo Loo Rose


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