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One more LFW AW14 throwback! It has to be Prabal Gurung’s AW14 show.

prabal gurung aw14 19

The show began with slightly futuristic Winter-wear coloured in cold greys, silvers and whites with models sporting jumpers featuring patterned wool inspired details. Prabal juxtaposed the more traditional oversized Winter-wear jumper with a unique design and intriguing shape. His models were carefully selected, being auburn and brunette-haired in order to set off the range of fantastic autumn colours that were to come. The collection took a few Wintery looks to warm up into the Autumn colours, but it was well worth the wait, revealing garments showcasing only the most sensuous parts of a woman. Parbal’s admiration for the female form was made apparent as beauteous Autumn shades graced the catwalk in the form of carefully executed wrapped designs. The show displayed wraps galore, with each ensemble taking inspiration from Nepal, incorporating sari-like flowing materials and Muslim inspired pieces.

A rainbow of browns, oranges and reds swarmed the show, showing off suits with red silky details wrapped elegantly into the suit jackets. These intertwined wraps became the signature of the collection, showing off only the most tantalising parts of the female anatomy. Prabal made a bold statement about the infamously sexual collar bones and shoulders of a woman by using his garments to highlight these alluring body parts in some of his more daring designs. His collection accentuated and embraced the fabulous female figure whilst suitable wrapping it up warmly for the upcoming season change.

Such a collection would not have been complete without a dose of sparkle, and saving the best until last by showing off elegant Autumn dresses with fantastic glittering detail on top and stunning waves of flowing fabric, Prabal boasted a real movement within the pieces. The celestial gowns were featured in a vibrant red, a startling black with a high leg slit and a unique shade of maroon, exuding class and oozing an Autumn flare. The collection was a true vision of Nepal. During the show, a streaker clearly felt empowered by Prabal’s vision and took to the catwalk. How inspiring!

Prabal wrapped us up in his wondrous selection of Autumn colours, with hints of strong reds, bursts of spicy oranges and dips of browns which were hard to ignore. The rich tones of true Autumn were undeniable and the radiant collection gave off a warm glow, cosying us up for Autumn.

Words by Loo Loo Rose


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