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24Hrs With Lally MacBeth

My name is Lally MacBeth. I’m an artist and writer. I run a blog called Lady MacBeth that explores fashion, history, art and everything inbetween. I work from my home in Cornwall. I moved here after graduating from Central Saint Martins two years ago. Cornwall offers a brilliantly calm and serene place to work. I am currently writing my first cookbook and making work for a Tea Festival held at Gyllyngdune Gardens in September.


8.00 – I wake up naturally, shower, wash my hair and use coconut oil to clean my teeth. It’s an ancient Ayurveda method that I discovered last year. It helps me feel incredibly alert in the mornings.

8.20 – Choose an outfit. I nearly always wear something very colourful with lots of patterns; I find it helps me get into a good mind set for the day ahead.

8.45 – I turn on Radio 4 and make a coffee. My first coffee of the day is very important; the ritual itself of making it and of course drinking it. I make it in a Mocha pot on the stove. I love the smell and sound of it brewing, it helps me gradually become accustomed to the day.

9.00 – Pack a bag with my laptop, notebook, Pentel pen (it’s my favourite for writing) and a couple of books.

9.30 – I make my way to a café which is about 5 minutes from my house. They have free wifi and it’s a great place to answer emails, write and research in relative peace. The coffee is also great which helps!

9.40 – I arrive at the café order a flat white and get down to answering a few emails. I’ll then begin work on the cookbook I’m writing. It’s very early stages but I am trying to be very regimented with the writing – when you work from home it’s incredibly important to set deadlines for yourself.

10.30 – I start to feel a little peckish so I order some toast. I find I can’t eat earlier in the day so I always wait until mid-morning.

12.30 – After spending a few more hours writing I make my way home.

12.40 – This afternoon I’m working on images for a project I’m working on with a garden called Gyllyngdune in Falmouth, Cornwall. Frederick Horniman who started the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, London once owned it. The pieces I am making are based on two shell grottos in the gardens. I change into some studio appropriate clothes: Levis, an old t-shirt, neckerchief and clogs.

13.00- I make lunch before I get started on painting. I make a coconut lentil dahl and serve it with yoghurt, cucumber, coriander and lime. I eat with my boyfriend who is a writer and editor, and my housemate who is a musician. We clear the table and it’s back to work.

13.45 – Having collected together my paints and photographs I begin work on the images. I love hand-tinting my photographs as I think it gives such a beautiful ethereal quality to them and adds another dimension. I’m extremely keen on analogue methods, and although I shoot digitally, I like there to be some mark of the hand on my work.

16.00 – I’ve finished painting the photographs and whilst I wait for them to dry I make a coffee and check my emails and put a picture of my work in progress on instagram.

17.00 – The photographs are dry, I use a very quick drying paint, as I am impatient! I scan them in and edit them a little using photoshop. I then send them to my printer to have them printed.

18.00 – I begin making supper. I always stop to make something delicious. I find cooking incredibly relaxing and I love to make things from scratch. Tonight we are having roasted butternut squash with risotto. I chop the butternut squash, drizzle with olive oil and thyme, season it and roast in the oven for 40 minutes.

18.20 – 20 minutes in I begin the risotto, frying garlic in olive oil and butter, adding the risotto rice and adding white wine. I then gradually add vegetable stock until the rice is just cooked. I finish with parmesan and lemon zest and juice. I serve it with rocket and the roasted butternut squash.

19.10 – It’s a nice evening so we decide to have an evening walk. We wander into our local town and meet some friends for a quick drink at our favourite bar. We find there is an exhibition on at Fish Factory, an art studio near our home, so we pop in for a quick look around before we head home.

22.00 – Get home. I read my book for a few hours, I’m reading a wonderful novel by the artist Ithell Colquhoun at the moment. It’s brilliantly surreal and get’s me into a good place for wild dreams whilst I sleep. I doze off at around 23.30.



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