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24 Hrs With Lorelai

I am a jewellery and accessories designer, I love to used a combination of materials and I am currently focused on creating jewellery with laser cut acrylic and bags/purses using printing and embroidery. All of my designs are bright and colourful and are heavily inspired by Sixties and Seventies psychedelia, kitsch home decor and anything with a retro twist.

I am generally a night owl, really getting in to my creative groove in the late evening. So I tend to start my day around 9am with a good, hearty breakfast and a strong, black coffee.
I then get stuck in to catching up on my emails and social media, checking out my latest customers’ photos and searching for new inspirational accounts.
This is also a good time to review the day’s to-do list and the week’s goals to make sure that I am on track and know what I need to do.
I often post an outfit post to Instagram, showing off my latest patterned vintage treasure, pairing it with one of my own designs or showing off a fellow designer’s wares. It’s very important that we, as small business owners all support each other. And since I made a vow to only buy vintage, second-hand and indie designed clothes and accessories, my wardrobe has become so much more exciting and unique.
The rest of the morning is usually taken up with packing orders, sorting out general business admin and ordering materials. Then a trip to the post office and sometimes a sneaky visit to the charity shops to find some more treasure for my wardrobe or to decorate my room.
After a healthy lunch, I get stuck in to my work. The first thing I need to get ticked off my to do list are the made to order items, in the queue today are a pick and mix clutch bag and a carrot bag! These are both printed and embroidered by hand and then turned in to clutch bags. The embroidery takes hours so I’ll usually stick on a film to keep me entertained or sometimes a documentary.
If I haven’t got any made to order items waiting to be made up, I will spend the afternoon and evening working on new designs. I am currently working on a jewellery collection inspired by vintage cat imagery and ornaments, there’s even going to be a few that have a Halloween twist!
When I get really inspired and involved in my design work, I will keep going, sometimes all the way through to 1/2am! Everything is so quiet and calm at this time of night and it really helps me to focus.
Before I give in to my tiredness and crawl in to bed, I review my to do list and write an updated one for the morning so that I will be ready and raring to go.

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