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24 Hrs With Diane Goldie

A Day in the Life of Maker and designer/artist Diane Goldie.

Thursday 3am: Still sitting at the sewing machine, finishing off the latest garment. This one involves a mermaid with a very perky bosom. Radio phone in the background, gently fume at the bigoted callers and despair at the current political state of Britain. How did we get here? Long suffering partner brings me my last cup of tea of the day before he takes himself to bed. I manage to sew through my finger once again. That machine can be lethal! Decide to take myself and my bleeding finger off to bed.
Thursday 10am: Wake up, usual ablutions, check Facebook notifications and make a cup of tea. Parcel up  the latest garments for clients and trot off to the Post Office. The lovely Ghanain woman behind the counter knows me well. She thinks I’m a bit odd (as do lots of the local community) but always compliments me on my latest kimono made in African Dutch Wax Fabric.
11am: Decide on the outfit / colour combo for the day. Today is definitely a cerise pink and buttercup yellow day. Strong colour makes me feel good. Decide on the all important coordinating accessories, clip on my Frida Kahlo themed bum bag (made by a lovely woman called Beksy of Beksy’s bags) and jump on the bus to my regular meet up with the lovely artist and my personal Goddess, muse and friend, Sue Kreitzman.
12pm: Wander around Spitalfields vintage / junk market and pick up a quirky piece of detritus or two. Head off to Leons to meet up with Sue and the rest of the colour tribe. Enjoy a coffee and bite to eat in the company of a bunch of splendid young and not so young emerging artists and designers and all round wonderful people who I am so blessed to call my friends. Much plotting, planning and talk of banishing beige.
2.30pm: Head off to a pop up shop event around the corner where one of our friends is doing a quirky performance costume piece.Anne Sophie Cochevelou is an extraordinary French eccentric artist. I never take her Barbie hand earrings out of my ears. I  buy another pair. Sue and a bunch of young beauties do an impromptu ‘catwalk’ in the street wearing my creations. Rooibos tea in mismatched china cups, nibbles and rub shoulders with Eastend characters of the flower market as well as hot ,pop surreal designers Rodnik Band. Have another hot flush. Head off home to change clothes.
6pm: Today is a very special day. It’s the opening of my window exhibition in the weird and wonderful Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities in Mare Street. Part soft sculpture, part crochet quirky characters, featuring another muse and dear friend, the performance artist Marnie Scarlet, forms part of the window display. Friends turn out in droves, I feel very blessed. Someone says “that looks like John Waters walking towards us”. Fuck me, it IS John Waters. Have a massive hot flush and come over all ridiculous.
7pm: A few gin and tonics later and I’m still pinching myself. Just two years ago I was a children’s entertainer… how did this happen?
8pm: Very happy, very content. Time to go home and have dinner of Salmon with beetroot and goats cheese salad. Beetroot. I just can’t get enough of the stuff. Spend a bit of time trying to smash Patriarchy on Facebook. I never learn.
10pm: Back in the studio again. Time to paint up images for the next piece, a short kimono with Empress style sleeves. This commission is going to be fun: Frida Kahlo is to be featured all over it.
3am: Long suffering partner brings me another cup of tea and I realise that the last 6 hours have just passed me by. But  another piece of wearable art is almost finished.
3.30pm: Collapse into bed happy and exhausted.

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