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Human Doll

Linda Green paintings

Tick Tock, Tickitty Tock, the Time is Human Doll O’ Clock. Once upon a Human Doll time, in the Glasper Ltd quarters of Kensington, a quarry wind howled and as the city clocks chimed nine o’clock in the icy morning, a menagerie of twink couturiers chalked, cut, pinned, pleated, gathered, baked, burned and stitched complex calico chrysalis toiles, while cosmetic scientists applied smudged Bowery lipstick on chalk-white, glacial, Human Doll UVS Models. Hatching embryonic ideas by day, sadistically self promoting by night at hedonistic, elektro-pop club events held high up in remote limestone
quarries, the couturiers and Human Doll Models of the 3rd gender, das uber von sexenschtein and master-switch rising stars of the highest fashion order hung out, hyper sexual, sequined and smiling with narrowed eyes, they peddle their souls viciously on the make. If they can’t be beautiful they’d rather be dead.


DSC04797 copy


DSC04672 copy

DSC04628 copy

Art Direction and Words by Phoenix-Blu Coyle www.glampire.tv
Photography by Billa Baldwin

Styling by Faye Heran
Makeup and Hair by Margarida Marinho
Dressing Table Installation and Artefacts by Mark Woods
Retouching by Francesco Casanova
Model is Ivy September Rosenauer at Human Doll Models

Image 1: Harness – Fuud London | Top: Dahlia
Image 2: Jacket – Pippa Lynn | Shorts – Topshop | Necklaces – Vintage | Bracelet – Mawi
Image 3: Jacket – Fuud London | Ring – Dahlia
Image 4 and 5: Harness – Fuud London

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