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24Hrs with Kitty Cowell

I’m Kitty Cowell, a Fashion Stylist and Blogger. I’m either in front or behind the camera on a shoot, emailing, blogging, collecting and returning clothes, having meetings or in my spare time; baking or running / working out. On a shoot day where I’m styling my day is something like this:
cutris x kitty camo pack (1)

6am – I wake up at 6am (if I’m lucky sometimes it’s way earlier). Get myself showered and dressed by 7am, order a taxi, grab an Eat Natural bar and try down a green tea.
7:05am – My assistant turns up and we both lug all the bags / suitcases with clothes into the taxi and head to the location.
8am – I’m on set.
8-9am – I will be setting up, hanging all the clothes, arranging all the accessories and shoes how I like them and making sure my assistant steams everything in priority order. I will chat to the team, get a direction for first looks so we know what to prep first and introduce myself and my assistant to everyone on set.
9:30am – First looks and we will shoot through til at least 1/2 o’clock and then break for lunch. My assistant will snap each look and write down credits as we go so we have a picture to go with each look. I like it done this way so there’s no mistakes. I’ll be checking brand names as we go… They will then email me the list of looks after the shoot.
1/2pm – I’ll be looking for anything vegetarian or gluten-free to eat, usually someone lovely from the production team will have already asked me and there will be some kind of avocado or carrot sticks and humous situation on the go.
2-6pm We will shoot the rest of the looks and hopefully wrap by 6pm. This depends on whether we are shooting an editorial or commercial / brand shoot. Sometimes you can shoot pretty late.
6-7pm – My assistant and I pack down, organise returns into bags and check each packing list again and again to make sure all items are returned correctly. If we are organised and lucky I will have arranged some returns to be picked up at the end of the shoot, but again this depends on shoots running on time or not! We will have a glass of wine with the team on set before ordering a taxi, and then packing all the bags into the taxi back to mine ready for returns / pickups the next day.
8pm – I’m home, we unpack the bags from the taxi and I chuck in a gluten-free, veggie, Planet Organic pizza into the oven; they make these really low-calorie free-from amazing pizza’s so I feel better about eating Pizza… Usually I would cook organic veg and rice. But after shoot days I like a treat! I put something on the TV and check my social media while I eat. I leave my emails until the next morning!
Photo by Curtis Jehsta

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