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24 Hours with Brittney Rae

21-year-old Brittney Rae is a Florida based Fashion Photographer, Actor, Aspiring Director, Cinematographer/Film maker and Model manager. We delve into a day of her hectic, creative schedule!

9:10am I wake up and let the dogs out- in case anyone asks who did it. I drink 4 glasses of water back to back and a cup of coffee blended with coconut oil. I eat a fruit. Now I’m ready to kick today’s butt.
9:40am In the shower i’m realizing that coffee makes me feel like Sonic the Hedgehog. Life is strange. Does this shampoo have sulfate? Whatever.
11:10am I call Caroline, a model I manage, and make sure she’s on her way to her photo-shoot. I know she’s always late so I tell her the shoot time is at 12pm when it’s really at 1pm. I scurry to my car with several bags in my hands, my phone balanced between shoulder and ear. With no time to waste I enter the first address into my GPS.
11:15am I call Lana, my intern, informing her Caroline’s on her way. I ask her if she has updated the website and if she’s going to make it to tomorrow’s fashion show audition. She says yes and tells me she’s carpooling with one of the other models, Jiorgi. Perfect.
12:00pm I arrive at my destination. I park while simultaneously grabbing my head shots and resume from inside my car. I go up to the front door and a man stops me, “Are you here for the casting?”, I say yes, “Can you please come back in about an hour? We had a lot of actors show up at one time,” he asks. “No problem, I totally understand”. I walk back to my car thinking, “Damn it. Okay. I have one hour… How can I make this productive?”
12:12pm I arrive at a frozen yogurt place; I order a cup of fruit with no yogurt at all. I laugh at myself and say, “As you can see I’m an actress and I don’t deserve happiness”. The girl at the counter half smiles, her silence takes place of her laughter happening somewhere deep down. I sit in my car and eat my fruit. Are these even real fruit? I open Snapchat and work on different accents for longer than I should have, flooding my Snapchat story with ridiculousness. I’m funny I swear.
1:00pm I sit in the waiting room at the casting for the Avmed Insurance commercial. I sit quietly as I listen to other people’s conversations and gather information for my own entertainment. I could be an FBI undercover agent. Instead, I chose the career that doesn’t allow frozen yogurt. “Brittney Rae?!” I look up and smile making a bee-line to the room. There are two other actors and a camera man. I am told to pretend that I’m baking something- anything. I pretend to pick up two kitchen utensils and start whisking the eggs followed by my façade of smelling brownies baking. I say the lines and the casting director interjects, “Cut!! Thank you, we’ll be in touch.” I follow my performance with a smile and tell him “Thank you, I love playing house.”
3:00pm I rush out of the casting office and throw everything back into my car. I have to photograph a model at 4pm. Femme Realm Clothing CEO and blogger, Barbara Acavedo, texts me that our interview about my business Rae Model Management just went live online. With my mind on my professional life and also my safety, I digest sections of the article at every red light. I laugh because my answers in the interview are hilarious. I almost forgot how funny I am. Almost.
3:59pm Queen is on the radio, diluting the frustration of Miami traffic. I make it to my destination with a minute to spare. I’m photographing Charlene and Erin today, two of my favorite models. We are photographing a clothing line called O-Mighty. I created the set design, a living room with pink walls and white faux-fur carpet. I repurposed an old vacuum cleaner and spray painted it pastel purple as well as an old lamp that is now bright pink with fluff all over it. My friend Annie meets us there and assists me with the shoot. We dress Charlene in a faux-fur coat and start snappin’.
7:30pm We are just wrapping up the shoot. All of us begin editing our behind the scene (BTS) photos on our Iphones. No one talks to each other until we are all done with our Instagram posts and finally look up from our phones. We all understand and respect each other’s concentration. Our grandparents would probably be pissed.
7:58pm It takes us a thousand minutes to say bye but we finally do and it’s time for my real work to start. I spend the rest of the evening sitting crisscross apple sauce on the floor editing my work and eating a healthy dinner. My imagination is admirable, so vegetables taste like ice cream with great effort. I get really excited about the photographs and how they’re turning out so now sitting isn’t appropriate for my excitement. I pace around the room and the last 10 minutes of editing become 30 because I can’t handle the excitement.
1:00am I have already posted the photos online and I’ve started to receive great feedback. I can’t sleep. I ponder. I am 21 years old, I dropped out of college to be an artist and I haven’t exploded into flames or starved to death yet. I call my boyfriend Sebastian. We talk for a bit but at this time he is just starting to work on his music. He gives up sleep for producing instead. I respect his creative process but I also think he’s nuts. I hang up with him and I start to count sheep. That crap never works so I eventually fall asleep to the rambling of everything but numbers and sheep in my head.
Model is Charlene Zatroch from Rae Model Management

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