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24 hrs with Anne- Sophie Cochevelou

Anne-Sophie is a costume fashion and jewellery designer. She is also a live artist based in East London who has graduated from Central Saint Martins. She tells us she works freelance and hates routine. For her, every day is a new dawn, and she never knows what tomorrow will be made of. Much of her time is spent alone frantically stitching in her pajamas without seeing the daylight. Other days are far more exciting!



I wake up. I try not to tread on a piece of Lego or a Barbie leg as my bedroom is also my studio and is always very messy!


I check my email and social media whilst drinking a fruit tea and eating toast, spread with homemade strawberry jam that my Mum brought over for me from France.


Cycling to the gym in the city. Sweating like a pig on my treadmill among bodybuilders and those lacking in physical exercises. My aim is to run the London Marathon next April but I still need a lot of training!


On my way back, I go to my local Post office to ship a necklace to Spain ordered the night before on my online shop. I also stop at Poundland to resupply my stock of vampire monster dolls and gemstones. In the toys department a little girl watches me, amazed, filling my basket with 20 dolls box. “She is taking them all!” she tells her mum.


I make another fruit tea and I start working on the structure of a crinoline for a dress made out of canvas, covered with paint for a photographic project.


I get ready to meet Sue Kreitzman at Spitalfields market. I put on a little car dress, my little pony necklace, some Barbie hand earrings and a Lego jacket.


I go out to unlock my bike. My neighbour, sat at the window of her council flat smoking a cigarette, tells me I look lovely and it is a shame her 5-year-old grandson his not here to see my costume!


I meet Sue Kreitzman at Spitalfields Flea market. The amazing “wearable art” designer Diane Goldie is also here and showing Sue a new Kimono she has custom-made for her. We have a look around the vintage and antique stalls. Like Sue says, “Half my time is spent obsessively trawling for junk, and the other half, obsessively putting it all together.”

I find an amazing vintage Cleopatra headpiece that will be a great base for a costume. We have coffee and lunch and I get advice and inspirations from my colourful mentor.

1: 30pm

On my way back from Spitalfields I pass by Natacha Marro’s studio to give her back some amazing glittery platform shoes she lent me for a shoot.


Back at home, I make the third fruit tea of the day. I start working on a new commission, a golden frog hat for a wedding. I gold sprayed the plastic frogs the day before and they have now dried. My flat mate was surprised to find a dozen Batrachia laying in the kitchen on newspaper just near drying dishes. I stitch them on the hat base watching a documentary on the BBC about famous American serial killers.


Someone rings my bell: a stylist coming to borrow some accessories for a Tim Burton inspired editorial. I tell her not to pay attention to the mess, and she replies very politely that is the way that creative people work.


Meeting at “Look Mum no hands” in Old Street for a potential costume project with an immersive theatre company for Halloween. Very exiting!


Getting ready for the Bingo at bar 90 in Hackney Wick, putting on a long sequin dress, a colorful tulle jacket, my Piers Atkinson hat and finally my 6 inches heels… I am ready!
I waste 5 minutes looking for my keys that were hidden under a pile of Barbie head; I really need to tidy…

Unlocking my bike, my neighbour is still at the window, “Oh you changed?” Where are you going dressed like this?” Hosting my bingo, of course!


I arrive at bar 90. I meet my partner in Crime from the bingo Simon Doddi, we catch up around a vodka red bull and a burger.


We finish our makeup with a lot of glitter and Olivia the event manager brief us on the bingo price: a One direction calendar,  a pink fur dress with “Paris Bitches” written on it, a unicorn woolly toy…etc


The bingo starts in 5 minutes.


End of the bingo, we stay for another drink


Time to go, I cycle back to Old Street with a K-pop Dubstep remix of Kenny West on my Iphone. In my head the party goes on.


Arriving home, locking my bike, I take a shower and a stream of gold face paint and glitter run in the bath!


I check my Instagram feed one last time and fall asleep for sweet dreams full of sparkly unicorns and sugar-coated cloud with glittery rainbows!




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