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EDGE OF HOME  is the loud’n’proud interior brand that’s got us on the edge of our seat!


Edge of Home is an up-and-coming homeware label that celebrates clashing colours, patterns and prints inspired by all the gorgeously garish styles of the yesteryear. Think 1930s abstractism mixed with 1980s post-modernist Memphis Milano. Emily Rees aka. Edge of Home ‘Boss Lady’ talks to Old Tat about suffering for her art and swooning over seventies seating.


What initially attracted you to homeware design?

Weirdly, I have been fascinated with interiors – well decorating at least – since I was a kid. I remember going to FADS with my parents in the early 90s and leafing through all the wallpaper samples in those huge binders, stroking the bobbly anaglypta.

Then when I was 15 my parents let me decorate my bedroom by myself. I went all Jackson Pollock and splattered green and turquoise paint all over the ceiling. Inspired by the white cube interiors that were just coming in, I choose to paint the walls and floor white, but had the ‘genius’ idea of adding sand to the paint to add ‘texture’. Every morning I woke up bleeding with huge scratches across my face because my bed was against the wall. The whole thing was a horror show – a horror show my parents bizarrely still have in their house – but I was hooked on interiors from then.

Even if your bedroom was a horror show, you sure know how to make a good ceramic plate! Who do you imagine sitting down to have dinner on them and what are they eating?

I love Twin Peaks so much that at University I watched 29 episodes in one sitting. It has to be Special Agent Dale Cooper eating a slice of cherry pie.

With textiles and lighting also under your hand-crafting belt, what other pieces of interior are screaming out for an Edge of Home makeover?


You will soon be able to sit your butt on an Edge of Home seat. I am totally obsessed with chairs – I could stare at them on Pinterest all day! We’ve found some fab 70s numbers crying out for a bit of Edge of Home pattern and colour, and they will be ready super soon.

Do you have a personal favourite piece?

I use my plates on my dressing table to hold my makeup and jewellery. It has to be the blue ‘Halfwayround’ side plate, which always has my lipstick at the ready.

Complete the sentence – ‘The… the better.’




Words by Alice Freeman


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