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The new university term is looming and were scoping out the new talent before they graduate. Illustrator Maxene Brown gets (very) excited about experimenting with limitless confines, an upcoming project and her future in the industry.


Maxene, please introduce yourself to our Tatties!

I’m an illustration student currently in my second year of university. I have an obsession with tea and I love to bake yummy foods when I have the time! Drawing is my passion and I’ve always been artistic from when I can remember. I like drawing on trains and observing people.

We also love your sentiment ‘Still experimenting and loving it!’. Tell us more.

I love to try out new ways to make my illustrations the best they can be. I’m really lucky because my university is a massive help when I want to experiment, they teach the basics, so that it leaves me wanting to create and try out more ideas. I’m in a good place with illustration at the moment and I’m more than happy to keep experimenting to create the best outcomes!

Do you have any unlikely inspirations?

Not particularly, but I find myself being inspired by a lot of things. Colours, people around me, experiences I’ve had/stories people have told me. My inspiration does come at random times though, for example I could be on the bus.

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What would your work be without colour?

It depends on the subject I’m drawing and what materials I choose to use. But if I was going to extract the colour from already finished pieces then I guess it wouldn’t be as powerful or tell the same story.

What excites you about your work and the illustration industry in general?

I’m always surprised by what I create, that is what excites me because I always have an idea of what a finished piece will look like but its more exciting seeing the finished piece in real life and knowing that I have achieved my goal.

There are so many great illustrators out there. I’m excited for being a freelance illustrator but I understand there might be times where I wont be able to find any work.

What kind of experiments are next in the pipeline?

My next project is called ‘Documentary’ and hopefully I will be drawing in a supermarket. I’m really excited for this because there is so much to draw. I can document the staff daily or hourly, I can draw the food stock or the people within the supermarket. It’s going to be a challenge but I’m definitely ready!

Good luck Maxene!

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Words by Alice Freeman


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