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Featuring Thomas Clausen at One Drawing Daily




We’re heading over to ‘One Drawing Daily’ to get our feline friends immortalised in the form of a bespoke drawing. And you should too, because it’s free. Just ‘like’ Thomas Clausen’s page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and send a picture of your kitty’s best side, ready to be sketched.

The project was started in 2014 as motivation for the budding artist to simply improve his style and have fun whilst doing it. Beginning by pulling source images from Google and upsetting a few photographers along the way, Thomas began to take requests from pet-owners instead.


“Cats and dogs (but especially cats) have so much personality and so much of that shines through even in photos, and I wanted to learn how to capture that in a drawing.” As his portfolio grew, commissions began to roll in, to which he quickly saw the true bond pet-owners and their furry friends shared.


“Almost everyone who sends me a photo of their pet tells me a personal story about the deep connection they have with this four-legged family member,” he claims. He also recognises the pain in losing them, “a cat can be a close friend and can help a person through life’s obstacles, but its lifespan is just so much shorter than ours and all pet owners have to deal with loosing that close friend at some point.”


Thomas knows that us cat-lovers won’t take much convincing to request a commissioned portrait, especially as a tribute to ours little lost loved-ones. “Most people who love animals will happily walk barefooted on red-hot charcoal for their animals, but I think that commissioning a custom pet portrait is all about is what they deserve as pet owners.”


So stop pussyfooting around and get to www.onedrawingdaily.com because it’s time to grant your cat the celebrity status it deserves in Thomas’ pet hall of fame.


Words by Alice Freeman


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