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24hrs with Doris Designs

After a hectic week working in the Middle East it’s good to be home. It’s a refreshing change from around the clock ombre to get back to making. Last night I was invited to crafts 2015 event a fusion of art and hair. It was held at the creative hub, Central St Martins. The salon Allilion used the work of animal activist and artist Emily Tan as thier inspiration for the on stage collection. It was a beautiful collaboration and demonstrated the marriage of hair and art. As hairstylists, we are artists. The sponsors Davines gave away some wonderful products! I used them to produce the pieces I have been working on for my latest shoot which is taking place today.

9am I wake up to the organised madness of my living quarters. I have a case and a laundry bag packed with head-dresses and wigs. I have looked over them the day before to see if they need any tightening up or embellishing.
11am I wash, dress and and arrive at West Ham station to meet the model who I am travelling down to the coastal area of southend with. She is a friend of mine too. I love how your own community of creatives evolves in this industry and it’s like working with family. She is a black girl with feline features. The girls in my work are of a variety of ethnicities and body shape – I like to represent that. I don’t think fashion should have one face and race and in the diverse city we live in there are many different types of beauty.
12pm We are greeted by my friend who in her one-seater sports car makes a couple of trips back and forth to her house. This is my hometown and despite my lack of visits (due to my love of London) I can’t deny the massive hospitality I receive when I return
12-30 We chow down to rounds of sausage sandwiches and coffee.
1-30 The photographer arrives. We have the privilege of working with fantasy photographer Linda Blacker. Her photographic style is fine art and we have worked together throughout the years.I have developed my style into making head-dresses as well as wig work and want to showcase these creations on my site. I have organised the shoot today to do this.
2-00 The makeup artist arrives and while she is setting up her kit and doing prep Linda and Iset up the camera white wall and table. We are shooting the pieces statically as well as in the scene of the shoot.
2-30 The two looks for today are a blonde wig with pastel head-dress and a monochrome hat made of hair. The brief for the MUA was to add a colour injection to the pastel look and a dark lip to accompany the hat. I think we are always more creative when we have free range to express ourselves.
4-30 We pile into three cars and head to the setting for our story The Remedy Tea Room. It’s a vintage Cafe and you feel like you’ve rocked up to a granny’s front room.
5-00 We wait for the last of the customers to make tracks as we have the place after hours and under the supervision of the cleaner.
5-15 We start setting up the scene. We chose a cafe location to stage a coffee meeting with two characters and to conjure up various ideas in our audience. Monica is playing both of these characters, which could show the conflicting personalities inside us all. It could be seen as the two paths the same woman could take in life. The bridal look or the power woman or perhaps a combination of both.The idea that the modern woman has to juggle both roles.
7-00 We wrap at 7pm. We were cutting it fine for time and it was a mad dash to put the place back to the way we found it but we pulled it off and I’m exited to see the edited images.
7-30 Everyone in the team says there goodbyes. I briefly discuss future projects with Linda and we go our separate ways.
8-00 Being on home turf I seize the opportunity to catch up with a friend that is now an acclaimed photographer and videographer. We grab a drink with his wife who I worked with on her graduation collection at LCF.
Due to the model’s lack of hair I ended up making my first ever wig five years ago and haven’t looked back since!



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