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24Hrs with Jayne Lloyd


I’m a freelance photographer based in Colchester. I do a mix of commercial, editorial and documentary photography and work with a range of clients including museums and hotels. I collaborated with Alice Freeman for Old Tat to provide photographs for Issue 2’s ‘Delightful Dolls’ feature and ‘9 Lives After Death’ online.

07:30 – As often as I can I try to start the day with some sort of exercise – just a DVD in my living room but as I have to carry a lot of kit about and always seem to be in strange positions when shooting I find that it helps a lot. Over breakfast I’ll look at what needs to be done today, jot down a schedule for the day/to-do list and prepare for any meetings I may have.


09:00 – If I’m out on a shoot I do a quick double-check that everything I need is packed, I have a copy of my brief and directions to where I need to be. Once I’m at the location I meet up with my contact, check whether there are any changes to the brief and start setting up.


If it’s an office day I’ll do a quick check for any emails/social network notifications I need to reply to and then focus on my processing. I generally set myself 60/90 minute blocks through the day to make sure I keep different projects moving along.


11:30 – On office days I have a quick coffee break to break up projects and give myself a break from the computer! I work from home so I find it really important to have a structured workday to resist any distractions.


13:00 – Depending on what I’m working on and how things are going I’ll stop for lunch and try to make myself get outside to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.


On a shoot this is a good time to check I’m on schedule, tick off everything that has been covered and refresh my memory on what still needs to be done. I always try to have as clear a picture as possible about what my clients want and how they are going to use the photos, so I can make sure I capture everything they need.


14:00 – On office days I carry on with with my planned work, but I always find afternoons harder, so I tend to dedicate a bit of time to working on a personal project, catching up on what’s going on in the world, research and ideally shoot something, even if it’s just something quick on my phone for Instagram or Tumblr, or messing around with one of my old/toy cameras. At the moment I have a few personal projects that I’m submitting for competitions, and I’ve just had a piece accepted into an exhibition with Shutter Hub as part of Photomonth, so I’m doing a lot of work on these as well as processing work for clients.


18:00 – On a shoot I’ll make sure any required shots are captured and that I feel I’ve fulfilled the brief to the best of my ability. If possible I’ll check in with my contact to make sure they are happy with how things have gone, then head home to download and backup all the images.


If I have a shoot the next day I’ll prep all my equipment the night before: check everything is working, charge all my batteries and format cards ready to go. My brief, directions and even my clothes are put in position, so I know I’m prepared for the day ahead!


19:00 – I try to switch off for the evening. I like cooking so I’ll make dinner and then we’ll either watch something on Netflix or meet up with friends in town. I love going to gigs and Colchester has a great art and music scene so there’s pretty much always something going on.





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