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24hrs with Adele Pentland

It’s not everyday you meet a practicing palaeontologist- or that they’re female, a fashion blogger and feminist. Balancing research life with the creative process can be difficult, but nothing compares to the moment you make a break-through discovery. Old Tat have searched near and far to find people with some of the most interesting jobs, lifestyles and hobbies to find out exactly what makes them tick. Today, we get a glimpse into the life of Adele Pentland, a university researcher and personal style blogger. Adele will submit her thesis at the end of November this year, and continues to deliver eclectic outfits which are as experimental as her science.



My first alarm gets off, I lie in bed for about ten minutes before getting dressed. I make coffee and check Instagram, then make lunch and eat breakfast. Check my Blogger dashboard, leave comments on my favourite posts.


I walk to the train station (200m) and pop on some music. Either Hot Chip’s ‘In Our Heads’ album or Triple J ‘Like a Version’ .


Get off the train and catch a bus, I mark a few pages of my thesis using paper and red pen while mindlessly tapping away to music. I list today’s tasks and what I need to do today.


I fiddle with Adobe Illustrator making changes to the schematic diagram for my thesis and mark off the recommendations of my academic supervisor. It doesn’t look quite like I imagined but it’s a lot easier to decipher.


Remember I’m giving a presentation to my research group this Friday morning, spend most of my time preparing a slideshow and creating the accompanying tables and charts in Excel.


Have a cup of tea and continue editing photos using Photoshop. I change the levels, contrast, brightness and vibrance. I also add scale bars and create images using Google Earth. 


Mental break time- take photos of today’s outfit outside and check instagram again. Sort through photos and decided which will be edited later and which won’t.


Back to academic work, I read through examples of theses and then decide which styles of writing are applicable to my own and start writing the methods, recommendations and conclusions. These will have to be edited again, but it’s a start.


Late lunch and cup of tea, I chat with everyone else about what their up to.


Back at my desk and I run through the animations and overall flow of my presentation, reading back over the literature and preparing some accompanying cue cards.


I write the character descriptions for my fossils, cross referencing the literature and preliminary notes from when we first observed and discovered each. Followed by more photo editing.


Start writing and planning the introduction. At this stage it’s a little too long, but the paragraphs of least relevance can be cut out completely. 
Catch the bus home and listen to music. I make mental notes on what tasks I completed today and which still need my attention.
Shower and cook dinner at home.


Despite my best efforts to keep doing work I fall into the pace of unwinding via online shopping, looking for vintage clothes for Summer. I also check my eBay favourites, Tradesy, Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real for cheap designer brands.

Write a quick runway review and edit some of today’s photos, and text my boyfriend.


Set my alarms for the following day, prepare a hot water bottle and fall asleep.

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