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24 hrs with Scott Mason


Scott W Mason is a British fashion illustrator and recent graduate from Falmouth University with a First Class Honours in Ba (Hons) Fashion Photography. Specializing mainly in illustration and photography, Scott likes to develop and experiment with new ways of combining these two art forms. To keep up to date with his work follow his Instagram www.instagram.com/scottwmason or check out his websitewww.scottwmason.com.


Wake up again


This is definitely the one…


This is it.


Spend 5 minutes trying to locate my phone without opening my eyes, got to ease myself into the day very slowly. After I find my phone I’ll check my emails, Instagram, twitter, facebook etc, see if I became an overnight sensation or if VOGUE have emailed me wanting to be a cover star… y’never know.


Get out of bed, making progress through the morning. First thing I do is turn my computer on, that thing normally takes longer to power up in the morning than I do. Get some breakfast, pop on some uplifting power ballads, only way to start, and reply to emails.


Probably spent the last 30 minutes either reading a BuzzFeeds article or parading round my room with the music up high pretending I’m on tour …productive as ever.


Write my to-do list for the day, include simple stuff like ‘get ready’ on there so I get the thrill of crossing something off with minimal effort.


Warm up sketching, just doodling random things or designer clothes in hopes that they repost it on their social media, just to get me into some type of work mode, just so I have something new to post on Instagram in the morning after this the real ‘work’ starts.


Working through projects, at the moment I’m retouching a photoshoot, my attention span is so short that editing takes far longer than it should, even writing this sentence I got distracted three times.


After retouching for a bit and scribbling some other ideas and bits n pieces it’s time to feed myself  again, there’s no can opener in this flat so looking like my lunch will be a ring pull.


Carry on with some retouching and add a couple of adjustments onto a commission so it’s ready to  post to the client.


Venture out into the big wide world to post some finished illustrations to clients, always a fun way to spend your time queuing up in a post office, especially seen as the post office does so damn much now that I think I’m the only one in the queue that’s here to actually post something.


Spending the rest of the afternoon with a mix of retouching, illustrating and scouring the web, always on the lookout for any illustrator jobs people might be posting so spend a fair amount of time snooping all over twitter.


After finishing up some work I venture into central to meet some university friends for dinner, needless to say wasn’t there for the food, bottle of wine down and I was feeling it.


Trying my best to act sober on the tube and get back home, drunkenly pop to the shop and buy far too much junk food.


Get home, put a film on and scribble away whilst I munch my way through some of this food, always the best time to draw when you’re slightly far gone.


Films finished, I’m half asleep, bypassed the hangover and straight onto the food coma.




Wake up, surrounded by so much food I thought I’d opened up a tuck shop.

I am productive with my time… honest; doesn’t quite come across in this diary though.





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