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Not one to ever shy away from a splash of colour, Katie Jones knitwear is everything Old Tat loves. In fact, according to the London-based designer, “colour is everything”. Her label embodies a serious ‘waste not, want not’ sensibility and a playful frilly trim around the edge. Breathing life back into lacklustre vintage finds as well as hand-crafting pieces in the studio, expect bold neon hues and gorgeously garish knits.

What makes a found piece of clothing alluring to you?

I love its history, and all the beauty in its imperfections.


Describe the process of creating a new piece from a found piece? How do you re-imagine it?

I usually have two styles, I either see how I can work with the piece or it can work with me. Some pieces we just try and use as much of the fabric as possible to make a completely new garment, with others we use the details and reinterpret the piece by embracing these. I love designing this way, it’s more of a puzzle and it pushes you to be more experimental.


What does colour mean to you and your work?

Colour is everything. I feel its such a good expression of your personality. I love to play with a lot of colour in my work to create fun playful pieces which can bring joy to the wearer! London can be so grey, I like to lighten it up a bit.


Tell us about your most accomplished piece of work to date.

I feel the work is getting stronger each season and I’m super excited. In the direction our leather pieces are going, I love the biker from AW15 and feel that was such a turning point for me and the brand.


What is the biggest compliment you’ve ever received?

It seems silly, but Stephen Jones told me he loved my hat once and that just made my year. I was like, ‘damn king of hats likes my crochet beret’!


We’d be bragging about that too! Can you share with us anything in the pipeline that’s got you excited?

We are currently working on Selfridge’s ‘Bright New Things’ which launches January. We get a whole shop window to fill with our dreamworld of crochet and denim which is so exciting for me!


And finally, ‘The ………….., the better’. Fill in the gap!

The more colour sparkle and pompoms, the better.


Words by Alice Freeman



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