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A REVIEW: Carl Jung – Wounded Healer of the Soul

Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul

An Illustrated Biography by Claire Dunne

Watkins Publishing




Carl Jung needs no introduction when it comes to the world of psychology. He was an extraordinary thinker, dreamer and teacher. Indeed, Jung had one of the most infamously brave and outspoken minds of the 20th century. At last, Claire Dunne finally opens up his life for examination in the form of an illustrated biography. A man appreciated for his mind, thoughts and many ideals, Jung was a man with something important to say about many things. His theories and thoughts swept across religion, science, medicine, psychology and the humanities. His wise outlook even influenced literature and the arts.

Who would have thought that the casual notebook scribbles of a young boy from a tiny village in Switzerland would develop into such a legacy in the spiritual and psychological circles? Perhaps the most magical element of this book is that it includes actual quotations from Jung’s own letters, diary entries and memoirs. The book provides us with a real insight into the man behind the famous name, showing us paintings, photographs and unique cut outs of Jung’s life. Indeed, it is far more than his renowned reputation and observations at the centre of the biography; it is Jung himself.

However, life was not always a bed of roses for Carl Jung; perhaps his turbulent history and tormented mind is to blame for the outlook on life he was so evidently blessed with. As the title of the book suggests, Jung was a wounded soul, but inevitably, after much “individuation” (one of Jung’s own ideals about paying extra attention and care to oneself) he was able to heal his soul.

Dunne offers a real insight into the poignantly fascinating struggle of Jung himself, both spiritually, personally and professionally, and for that we owe her thanks. But perhaps the most powerful parts of the publication are the quotations from Jung himself. Thus, I will leave you on my favourite quotes by him, which sums up his acceptance of his own life after his ongoing personal struggle. It is both sad and hopeful, mirroring the biography itself: “Doubt and insecurity are indispensible components of a complete life. Only those who can lose this life really can gain it.”


Words by Loo Loo Rose


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