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24 Hours with Model Kelly Rian

“Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me.

After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces back together….”

Ray Bradbury

A day in the life of Kelly Rian can be hard to describe, as no two days are usually the same. And that’s the way I like it. Although keeping a certain daily routine is essential for maintaining a healthy body mind and soul.

I Kick start my day with a POW WOW positive affirmation, or motivational video – mainly with a theme of gratitude… because our mind is its most impressionable during the first twenty minutes of our day. What you take into your mind during those first precious moments plants a seed and grows there…

Today I started with;

“If I can dream it – I can do it!”

No matter what mood I wake up in, how busy or late I am, I never leave the house without aligning myself to a positive mental attitude. Through morning meditation, and glancing at my vision board to imprint my subconscious with my deepest yearnings… while the rest of London is still sleeping, I’ve already created a strong focus of my life goals… because creating the vision is the first step to making it your reality!

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” (Lewis Carroll)

So after my morning magic potion of hot water, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper, turmeric and cinnamon, followed by a nutritious breakfast of avocado, tomato, spinach and cold pressed fresh juice, I step outside feeling grounded, empowered, and ready to take on this vibrant city I call home. Depending on my schedule, I aim to tackle the gym first thing while my spirit is flying high – which consists of a combination of spin, yoga, weights and swimming – but a gym visit is not always possible with the beautifully random and chaotic lifestyle of a London model. Every day is an adventure!

Take today: London Fashion Week , busiest time of the year for us models!

Hot tailing it across rainy London in my trusty Jimmy choo Boots from one hectic casting to another, frantically searching Google maps, attempting to not look windswept and flustered as I waltz through the door.

Remembering my mantra;

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both right”


Getting my game face on, fiercely strutting down the room towards three stony faced casting directors, giving all I’ve got – usually their faces give little away about your success or failure! And as if that’s the hardest bit, then comes the waiting game… Success in this industry is not determined by how many jobs you get booked for – but by your ability to stay positive, focused and optimistic during the moments you’re not in front of a camera.



Visualising myself doing the job.

Catching negative thoughts when still waiting to hear from my agent – before they take over my mind!


I commit to this method, focus on getting my mind on track – and more often than not I get the job! Catwalk is my favourite. I arrive backstage into a flurry of hugs, kisses on each cheek, warm welcomes, relaxed dress rehearsals, girly hair/make up sessions with lovely artists, models lounging round for hours before the show starts, sharing industry stories, taking incessant selfies, over-indulging on sandwiches – I’ll regret those later. Models do eat. And it’s showime!

Designer orders us into a line, bedlam begins… “WHERE’S SOPHIE? SHE’S ON NEXT”. But Sophie’s lost a shoe. Models piled up like sardines behind the stage, makeup artists thrusting brushes in our faces for last minute touch ups, toxic hairspray fog pollutes the air, assistants charging round with tit tape stuck to their fingers getting shouted at by simply everyone. Ria’s put her heel through her £3k gown and ripped it. Designer is yelling. Model is demanding, and all of a sudden everyone’s role becomes the most important thing in the show. We’re all on a mission and anyone that gets in the way will know about it!

On to a flawless show, attitude, poise, charisma and elegance. All that chaos behind the scenes… and the audience will never know. Show’s over. Everyone’s smiling, celebrating, drinking champagne – and taking selfies and swapping Instagrams with the new friends they were shouting at half an hour ago. Just another day at the office!


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