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BTS Willow Pattern Set Design

Following my previous post which reveals what originally inspired my Willow Pattern frenzy, I want to take you behind the scenes and show you all the work that went into creating such elaborate sets.

Willow Pattern has been a huge part of my growing up due to my amazing grandma having a huge collection and enforcing it on everyone who visits her for tea, so really I have her to thank for this concept. Here is an image taken by my, originally published in Betty Magazine, featuring my grandma with some of her collection. I also have my grandparents to thank for majorly helping me with the set itself, getting involved in all aspects. Check out some images of them at work.

After building this set WP is officially imprinted in my brain forever!



11667245_10153382494371866_297832737_n 11667907_10153382494026866_575377731_n 11667051_10153382493126866_386998733_n11657492_10153382493341866_1320584597_n   11653213_10153382494071866_1586255628_n11713555_10153382493661866_1698512991_n11651140_10153382493141866_1858806579_n 11655136_10153382494401866_784460035_n 11655182_10153382494076866_803037713_n 11655593_10153382493941866_1356654172_n  11121142_10153382493326866_202515749_n (1)11714370_10153382493336866_1734255680_n  11696443_10153382494351866_729955101_n 11713553_10153382494036866_492452551_n  11713643_10153382494171866_1167201723_n 11715985_10153382494436866_1523132323_n11637886_10153339710306866_1836528494_n11657481_10153382493041866_1366238048_n11655593_10153382493941866_1356654172_n (1)11715874_10153382494141866_1834557433_n

11753834_10153424363226866_1067654704_n 11759396_10153426359671866_690080434_n 11748794_10153424362081866_1637277465_n 11748620_10153424362141866_1087873168_n 11720137_10153424362136866_1504731594_n12047747_10153588952286866_1956660341_n

Words and Photography by Loo Loo Rose


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