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On yer bike!

Different spokes for different folks.

light sculpture 

Here at Old Tat, we’re pretty familiar with the idea of upcycling; turning something seriously tatty into something gorgeously tatty. But artist and sculptor Joe Goldstein of Bespoke Spokes has stepped the concept of upcycling up a gear, and we’re loving it.


Freewheeling his love for restoring old bikes into an art form, the London-based artist creates anything from tea lights to desk lamps from recycled parts.

“I rarely conceptualise any of the pieces of art that I make. Once I start taking the parts of the bike apart, I begin to see shapes and designs I think would work well. That’s what makes my art into my art really,” he claims.

Like the idea of taxidermy, but can’t stand the idea of stuffing and skinning a dead animal? Joe’s stag wall art is made with bike handle bars so it might be a little easier to, well, handle…

Products range from £5 for the small pieces up to £1,000 for full-sized sculptures.

Bespoke Spokes www.bespokespokes.co.uk

Words by Alice Freeman



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